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I posted about a little guy I had taken in called Banjo, we found out he had liver issues and spent about a month or two with tests and doggy hospitals. He was deemed in good enough health to be neutered and we had it done about 3.5 weeks ago. After he was a little weird and attacked Neeka the day we got home, I kept them apart for about six or seven days. Since then he has been increasingly aggressive towards neeka (although in some instances it seems she is the instigator) we figured it was just stress from the neuter and we are inbetween moving right now.

Well today he attacked my fiance out of the blue. Broke skin and eveything on his hand but then tried to go after his face. We removed him from the situation and put him in his crate for a couple of hours.


His temperment seemed so sweet and kind before getting him neutered I was wondering if this could be a side effect of his hormones being all crazy? Or maybe he is still in pain and lashing out?

Should I be taking him to the vet? (I swear we live there!) or should I be looking into training or aggression classes? or just give it some more time to see if this is just a phase?

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I would love to see some answers to this because Solomon was neutered a week before we brought him home.  I have been chalking this agression up to residual hormones still flowing thru his little body but I am not so sure.  I guess I could ask a vet but don't want him to think I am stupid!!!!!  Been around animals all my life but I have never encountered this before.
As I always say the only stupid question is the one not asked, take a chance I'd say.

How old is the pup?

If he is an older pup then may be the levels of hormones dropping in his body, this will resolve itself in a month or so. It will not cure the issue but with some positive training is easily correctable. Also high levels of stress durring this time will not help the sisuation and may even amplify the issue already occuring.

Easy way of doing this, if the dog bits, growls...ect then he/she gets ignored or removed from the sisuation for 2 - 3 min., reintroductions and treats for good behavior.

The other thing to note that pain can also cause these types of reactions, and given you had mentioned that the pup had previous medical issues I would most def. get that checked out first.

A dogs temperment rarely sways to that extreme, I've only ever seen this in abuse cases when the owner hits a trigger reaction at the humane socieity, so that can be quickly ruled out as a possibility.

I would say just positive training and vet check to start with, beyond that you may just have to ride this one out.

He is three, so he is a bit older.  Alright well i will take him in this week to make she he has healed property and that isnt causing it, i thought that it was probably hormones and stress!

If that's not it, then I'd ask questions on how long the hormones take to decrease from your vet, they may be able to shed light in to his behavior.

I do recall one website that noted the older the dog is the slower the hormone levels decrease. That may be the issue, but best to get it from a professional so you can be rest assured.

Hopefully I've been of some help at least.

Wishing you the best.


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