Hey guys, I need help with my 10 month old Corgi puppy Ender.
He's neutered and has never had a problem before but recently he's gotten very aggressive toward us. He loves to chew on pillows but when I reprimand him for it or try to take it away, he'll jump up and try to bite me. He also has this habit of jumping up and trying to bite when I tell him not to do anything he's not supposed to. What am I doing wrong or what should I be doing? Also, is yelling "No!" enough? At times when it gets really bad I send him to his gated area for 5 minutes for "time out." Should I start using other methods of discipline?


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My puppy Domino is a bit mouthy when she plays so sometimes when I point at her and tell her no she does nip at my finger but it's just in a playful way not in a mean way. If your puppy is biting at you in a mean way then it is a problem. I would try a squirt bottle. That's what got Domino house trained.

Instead of a gated area I would try crating him when he's bad as a time out. When I tried gating Domino she found ways to entertain herself and it wasn't really punishment.


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