Hello corgi owners. 

I posted way back in may about my 11 week old being mean to the big dog. The behavior was completely over until the past 3 weeks. Over thanksgiving, a beagle in the family (who would always snap at brody) and brody got into a few scuffles. Brody would walk up and go after Sam (the beagle) and it got to the point where we had to separate him. Brody gets along just fine with the 2 bigger dogs in the scenario. This past week Brody went after and bit (no skin breaking) a cocker-spaniel his size as the big dogs were all barking. I am looking into a training course, But does any one know how to help this behavior in the mean time? Its a holiday weekend so Im not able to start this training process until mid next week, and this has to end NOW. 

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I think it would help to take more group training classes, but you can't really force a dog to like other dogs. Some just don't. If he absolutely needs to be in a group situation I would keep a leash on him so you can grab it and correct him if needed. Sometimes a little leashed walk away from all the fun is enough for them to learn that they need to keep their excitement in check.

Just leash him and attach it to you during the Holidays. Classes will really help with manners but they don't all love a lot of interaction. My Sparty likes other dogs and gets along with most but Izzy allows a sniff and then she is done so in group situations we usually keep her leashed.

great ideas! i will have to be tighter with the leash for sure. the biggest problem is he is aggressive with a dog during his dog walk, which is with a dog walker and 2-4 other dogs. she called me today informing me if he is mean to pickles (the cocker spaniel) again she is going to have to charge more or no longer walk brody! 


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