hi everyone, tomorrow  i will be leaving for 3weeks for my family's house back in Michigan and i am bringing teddy. but before i went i wanted to share what we did before i left.

my hubby had to go to down town Charleston and as we are walking and i look over and there is a man walking these two beautiful corgis. one was tan and white an the other was a tri, and then the further we go into town i see more corgis. by then i am missing teddy so much so Arthur  promises  the to take me the next day.

so we go to down town Charleston. its gorgeous outside, perfect weather and i get teddy out and immediately these people come over to me and melt at the sight of him and teddy s little nub goes crazy and welcomes everyone.  as we continue down the board walk next to the water people pass us and more people say "awww! look at the corgi puppy! so adorable!" he was excellent with everyone, even kids, greeted other dogs. maid me a proud mommy:) lol some people didn't know what he was but said he was the cutest dog they have ever seen. i had alot of teenagers pet him also.i wanted to take pics at every second because of how cute it was to see him just taking it all in and enjoying it. he wanted to go to the park so we head down there and this little kid says" o mommy can i pet the really cute doggy?" i came right up to him and said he can pet him, hes very friendly. that little kid got so excited lol teddy loved the attention. i let him run around and he looked so happy but i knew he was tired and was time to go.

it makes me so happy when my fur baby's are having a great time and is happy. i was so proud of him for welcoming everyone and other dogs. he is such a sweet heart and love him so much:) i bet all u corgi moms and dads can relate. if i don't respond to emails or comments, like i said i will be gone for 3weeks. i will share my stories when i get back along with pics!

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Have a great trip!
thank you, i did have a great time but its good to be home lol
Have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to hear all your stories! Cute pics also!
thank you:), i will post what we did on are little adventure together along with pics, once we unpack and we relax a bit lol


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