In case you all haven't seen this on Facebook yet, Corgis are up in AKC's version of March Madness. We are head to head with the Dachshund! And it looks like we are behind!!


Come on Corgi Nation, let's do this!!


Click here and like AKC on Facebook in order to vote!


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Unfortunately, popularity ruins breeds ....

While I completely agree with your statement, I think corgis are a rare breed in that internet popularity has really made them a household name, even though they have not ever broken the top 10 most popular AKC breeds. In fact, Pembrokes have stayed at 24th for at least the past 4 years with Cardis at 75th or lower. Many people can like corgis, get behind them, or vote for them based on the fact that they are an internet sensation.

I just went on to vote and the Corgi is ahead.

If anyone sees this in time, we have fallen nearly 100 votes behind! There are 45 minutes left to vote! Please vote and you can vote multiple times if you have a smartphone or tablet.

Have a good morning! Go Corgis!!

I would vote if I had a FB page.  I had one but it got hacked twice, decided I don't need that headache.

I see corgis everywhere...besides their internet popularity they are now featured in more and more commercials and I see them in magazine ads plus check out some of the dog food and other products at your local store...corgi faces are beginning to show up on many of them.

I agree with Anna.  I don't want to do anything that might make Disney think about including a corgi in their next big production.  I'm absolutely fine with corgi's being obsure and unknown! :) 

Yeah I prefer them being less popular....

I totally agree with Jane and Susan!!! Being a favorite breed does the breed no good at all!


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