Sadie is allergic to corn, we believe, because everytime she ate something with corn in it she seemed to get an ear allergy, and our vet said she would agree and thinks Sadie is allergic to corn!

Anyone else have a dog who is allergic to corn? If so, do you have any treat suggestions? Luckily Blue Buffalo doesn't have any corn products, so we feed her that. As far as treats go we have found that the lean pupperoni's have no corn, as well as milkbones.

Any suggestions would help!

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Corn isn't all that great to feed dogs, anyway, as it can cause gas and isn't the most nutritious ingredient by a long shot in food. The reason that corn is used so heavily is that it is CHEAP and food companies are out to make a profit....
My family's dog, a golden retriever, is allergic to beef, chicken, wheat, he gets a very expensive duck-and-potato food which turns his feces strange shades of brownish yellow but doesn't cause hives down the road. There are plenty of non-corn treats out there, too, my corgi loves Charlee Bear dog treats made with wheat and chicken liver. A bag costs less than $5 and lasts a while.
I know of several dogs with food allergies....incidentally, allergies are on the rise in humans in the developed world, as well.
Shippo doesn't have any allergies but my non-corgi, Eevee, is allergic to corn. They are both fed Fromm Gold, and there are quite a lot of corn-free treats. I use Charlee Bears, but also, anything from Zuke's is corn-free. I use their Mini Naturals. Wellness also makes Old Mother Hubbard biscuits and training treats which are corn-free.
We use Wellness kibble (sweet potato & whitefish) in VERY small amounts; mostly we feed raw meat.
We cut way back on the kibble recently, and their dogbreath got better.
Wellness makes an OK snack if you forget your own lunch.
Sniffers don't have corn either. Our Weim is allergic to corn and turkey, beets, rabbit, yeast--so we are severely limited in what kind of treats we can have in the house. It has gotten to the point where I want to buy a dog cook book so I can just make treats at the house for him.
We avoided corn simply because Eddy's breeder said both his parents' were allergic. I like Yummy Chummies. Stinky, but good for a silky coat, and we brush his teeth anyhoo.


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