Just got back from the vet today, it seems Toki has allergies. My last vet trip, the doctor seemed very reluctant to put her on any kind of allergy medicine and insisted that she is too young. My normal doctor was busy so I got one that has never looked at Toki before and she seemed a bit allergy pill crazy, she was really pushing me to get the pills like it was our only option. The pills are very expensive and I don't want to start her on something if there are alternatives. We're not sure exactly what she is allergic too, our normal vet suggested last trip it may be fleas due to where she scratches. She take comfortis and sentinel flea/heart worm pills. Is there a flea spray that can keep fleas off of her? And any suggestions about the allergy medicine would be great!

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If she is allergic to fleas you have to switch to the topical flea repellants like Advantage. It goes on once a month between their shoulderblades and kills the fleas right away. Sparty is allergic to multiple things we had him tested and give him allergy shots once a month. The vet should give you more guidance than your getting such as checking for food allergies etc. There is a group for corgis with allergies and we are more than willing to help you with our experiances. If it is just fleas(some dogs are just more allergic than others) the pill really won't help.
Bandit is allergic too, but we are not sure what he's allergic to either. Our vet said that it could be just pollen because of spring because he's seen a lot more cases lately, but it could be something else. He said if Bandit's really itching a lot, especially the ears, the face, and feet, then we should give him half of an adult bendaryl. Otherwise, we should just monitor him and see how he does after spring. If he continues to itch, then we will try to find out what he is allergic to. Our vet is the type that tries to minimize drug intake until the problem is being pinpointed, except for the immunization shots and fleas/heartworm prevention of course. So far, we haven't had to give any bendaryl to Bandit yet. We clean the house and sweep the floor more often, and his itching usually improves when the house is cleaner.
Depending on how bad Toki's reactions are would depend on what I would suggest. If it is a skin allergy it could not only be from the fleas but also from the food and even the fabrics she's exposed to. I have an allergy dog (Weimaraner) and initially he started to break out and lose a lot of his fur to the point where we thought he had mange. It was a staph infection that he got from all the scratching. He suffers from not only environmental allergies but also food allergies (just like me--we share almost all of the same allergies to...sigh it's pathetic really.)

Initially, our vet gave him a round of steroid shots and antibiotic and special shampoo to kill/heal what the staph infection started. After going through it three times, we finally broke down and got an allergy test done. Despite it costing about 350 for the blood test, it was the best thing we did and has since helped him a lot.

If he is really bad, we gave him Benadryl--dye free version. Do not get the one with sugar substitute if you get a Children's formula. Dye free is also important as some dogs (and some people) are allergic to the ingredients to form the dye so keep that in mind.

If Toki is just a skin allergy that only flairs up at certain times of the year. I would also look to the grass. My mom's dog breaks out in hives if she rolls around the grass too much and she has a reaction to some carpet cleaning stuff too. She turns hot pink, very hot to touch and itchy too. She's probably taking the same allergy pill that one Vet recommended.

I think it would be easier to know what is causing your pup problems and trying to avoid or control it as much as you can from there but that is my opinion. Others can give you more information if you still need it. I only know from experience.

Good luck and keep us updated!
I know a lot of vets will okay you just using bendadryl or clariton for allergies. I would talk to the vet since it may depend on some age/weight factors. I know that my Aussie has some skin allergies (we also don't know what to, and it's to expensive to get him tested) and our vet said I could just give him 1 Bendadryl a couple times a day.
We do the baby benadryl - in liquid form. Violet thinks that is the treat of all treats - we call her our little junky. Magnus doesn't like it - we have to hold him down to get it down his thoat. Our vet was pretty specific about how much to give them based on their weight -

We also use the comfortis pills for the fleas and have been pleased with the results. We live in Florida so our flea season starts early and lasts forever. Most of the topical flea repellants just weren't working here.
Thanks so much for all the help! I'm going to try benadryl and see if her allergies last through the summer. I'll keep everyone posted :)


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