Hello there!  New to this site AND soon new to be Corgi mommy.  I have always had "big" dogs and w/some pushing from a persistent 11 year old I have found room in my heart to seek out and adopt a little corgi.

Long story short...they are hard to find in my region.  Seems like they are plentiful out west.  :)  I also live not to far from the well know Lancaster puppy miller/backyard breeder area of PA.

I ended up finding Amsburg Kennels in Washington State.  This kennel is run by Bonnie Jo Ames.  She has been quite kind and accommodating up to this point...although not all of my questions have been answered. (probably due to the fact that I ask so darn many.)  With all that said, there is still a piece of my mind that has reservations about getting a dog so far away from someone you do not really know.

Has anyone done business with her?  Did you get what you expected/were told?  How was shipping/after-adoption process?  Is there help from the breeder after shipping or are you left to your own devices-should there be a problem?

Thank you in advance!

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Yes...this is all new to me.  While I am not a first time dog owner, this will be the first time I am purchasing from a breeder.  I was telling my friend how stressful it all is and she laughed at me.  (She has several dogs)  She says "Next time around it will be no big deal."  She is funny.

Anyway...YES...waiting is sooo hard.  Which is why I said heck with it and are adopting all the way from across the country!!  I have not a patient bone in my body.  haha

Oh...and pic of the expected little lady as my 'profile pic'.  :) :)

Oh, she's so CUTE!!   I just want to squeeze her.

What a sweet face your new baby has!  Congratulations!  I wish you many years of love and happiness together.

We've always been a big dog family...Irish Wolfhounds...but now we have our fairy dogs and love them to pieces.

Hey Amanda! I know you posted this 4 years ago but i was just doing some research and looking for reviews on Bonnie with Amsburg corgis. I live about 20 minutes away from her and just put my deposit down for a corgi that we should be getting within the next few months. 

I was hoping to hear your little ball of fluff was as healthy as can be and if you had any questions or concerns that they were answered. I would love to hear both good and bad news, but of course hope that there isnt any bad news at all. 

Thank you!


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