Cody stresses terribly when I leave for work. I thought I might give the "anxiety wrap" a try. I was wondering if anyone else has had success with one and what size is good for an adult corgi. Cody is about 30 lbs and his chest is 22 inches around. I don't want to get one that's too big since it works off of accupressure and needs to be snug. Thanks for any advice!

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I sure appreciate all your help :)

You're welcome. Always glad to help.

Here is a short video of a shelter dog I put the Anxiety Wrap on:

I'm pretty sure ours is a medium and it fits both my pem and cardi.

Does it help? Do you use it for thunder or separation anxiety?

Yes, it does help. I am a professional trainer and I have been recommending it now for several years since using it on my own dog. I use it for dogs with severe separation anxiety, thunderstorm phobia and other types of anxiety and fear. I have never seen it not work. I recommend using it under the direction of a qualified professional however, and also recommend having your dog evaluated by a licensed veterinarian prior to the implementation of any behavior modification plan. There is no product that is a panacea, but I have seen the Anxiety Wrap work wonders without any other interventions in severe thunderstorm phobia.

I did see them offered in Tuesday Morning. 

Just wanted to let you know that there is a Groupon going right now (you might have to use Portland, OR as your city) for a dog anxiety wrap. That might help on the cost a little if you do want to try it.

Here is the link:

Thanks for the link. How does a Groupon work? I haven't used them before. It said $24 for my area which would be great.

It is really easy, you just have to sign up and when you purchase a "good" like the anxiety wrap (using a credit or debit card) they ship it directly too you. Just an FYI sometimes shipping can take longer than a normal purchase because of the large orders that are placed through the carrier so dont be suprised if you have wait longer than normal.

Thnx for the info. I will check into that because the Thunder shirt does not seem to be doing any good. Hugs!


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