I tend to take my corgi on a lot of long hikes and he comes with me when I'm rock climbing. I often find that when we are crossing logs, water or on ledges that I really wish I had a harness for him so that if he falls I'll be able to catch him (don't worry if its ever particularly dangerous we put him in a pack and carry him that way so there is no risk). Also we cross a lot of boulder fields and I love having something easy to pick him up by when he needs that little bit of help. However I've noticed (and so have many other people) that corgis just seem to slip right out of harnesses. 

Anyone have a suggestion for a harness capable of holding a corgi's weight in an emergency that won't just slide right off?

He is pretty good about using his little legs to hold himself in as best as he can with his current harness but I worry that when I really need it he won't have enough time to react and help me out.


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I have one I use in the car. Its a harness that is a seat belt, it goes around their chest to hold them instead of having him attached by his collar. Maybe try getting one like that. they sell them at car dealers from what i've seen.

I was wondering if a water life vest would work.  They have a handle on the top so you can grab the dog and lift it out of the water.  That may be too bulky tho....I have no idea how thick they are.

I've also considered this but I think they are mostly not very breathable and as we have done hikes that are up to 25 miles I worry that he'd get too hot wearing a life vest.

John Wolff might be able to help you. I think he had the same issue.


I'll contact him and see if he has any advice! 

Look for the Ruff Wear Harness brand. The have 2 types that may be just right for your need. They do have handles for that extra boost.
Love to see a photo of your pup in the back pack!

Good to know! I've looked at Ruff Wear several times thinking it might be perfect i just didn't want to spend that much money on a harness that wouldn't even stay on my dog. Thanks!

We use a front-lead harness for everyday walks by a company called "Wonder Walker". The great thing about it is that we can also use it to lift him up small heights (into the car, etc.) and it doesn't cause any strain or discomfort. It doesn't have handles or anything, but because it buckles under the chest, Charlie has never escaped.


We use the Ruff Wear brand, they don't have the same model that we have anymore listed on the site. But this link is the closest thing that I can find to what we use with Boo. It helps so much on hikes that have a lot of fallen trees or really tall rocks. As far as sizing goes, we contacted Ruff Wear and they helped us size the harness correctly to fit our dog perfectly.



Also we strapped the GoPro to Boo's harness and made this video. Check it out!



Oh, my, can I open my eyes yet? That video made me dizzy! And I now know what Boo's ears look like, inside and out. He's a trooper.

Thanks so much! thats the harness that looked to me like it would work best (I love the 2nd belly loop) but I haven't been able to find any corgi people saying it works and $56 is a lot for something that doesn't work. 

Also I LOVE the video, you've made me want to get a GoPro just to record the corgi vision of some of our adventures.

Good luck with your adventures and the GoPro is great, I'd say go for it and you wont be disappointed!


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