I always wanted to be a handler for a Show dog.. People ask me to Show Ace but witht he recent comments i have gotten about him from a breeder whole lives in my county she sat there and talked down about him calling him small and just slightly acted like my pup was a horrible piece of Corgi and i was looking at some of the standards and i just want to know if Ace would be disqualifed on the things people have said... and is his Blaze to big?

Honestly to me Ace is perfect in every possible way i can think of and wouldnt trade him for anything =) i was just curious and wanted to know if there were any Handlers that could help me or Owners.. if he isnt qualified to show its fine by me =)

This is My Cutie =)


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Thanks for the tip.. local fun shows sound like fun.. i should look into that =)
When I got Lyla, my Pem, I got this idea in my head that showing would be fun. I got her from a local breeder on a full AKC registration so "technically" conformation was an option. I'm glad now I never tried that with Ly because I would have been laughed out of the ring with her. :) I did, however, start doing research on showing conformation and talking to people who did it. I learned that the single most important thing you can do is get a good SHOW breeder with good dogs who will support you.

Now, my Lyoa is a good dog, the perfect pet, and pretty stinking cute, but knowing what I know now about dog conformation I can see her faults. She is not "type-y" meaning that her head, coat, legs, etc are not "Pem" enough to do well. In basic body structure, her front feet have too much turn out and are flat, her pasterns are weak, she's cow hocked, and her teeth are not scissors... and that's just what my very novice "dog eye" can see. All of that means that she would never ever be able to finish in the conformation ring.

I recently got a show prospect Aussie, and he has some faults as well, but will have a much easier time earning his CH because he came from a long line of dogs that were breed for the purpose of being correct. Also, the biggest thing I am learning is if you are not raising even a show quality puppy to be show quality, the chances of them turning out that way aren't great. The home that tools Brando's littermate is a show home, but have NOT been raising him as such, and he now has some glaring faults he never had at 8 weeks, and that will take some effort to reverse.

So, to be blunt, if you didn't get Ace from a show breeder the chances of him being show quality are very slim. If you think he might have a shot though, find a show Pem person and have them go over him. If they say he's not show quality, which is a high possibility, ask if they would be your mentor and prepare you to get a show puppy one day.

And show quality or not, you can still do performance sports with him. Lyla has all the faults listed above, but she's my Rally dog!!
Jack came from a show breeder as a pet-quality dog, and he doesn't have a perfectly level topline. He's got a tiny bit of a roached back, and I don't know enough to know if it's congenital, or from his habit of tucking in his behind and doing countless sliding stops a day on the tile floor. :-)
I know he has CH blood his Grandsire was a showdog from what the breeder told me so i know there is maybe a bit of show in him though i think his size may be a downfall for him because the vet said he was a little on the small size.. and our Vet used to Show Berenese Mountain Dogs =) So I think i have scrapped the idea of showing right now but i wouldnt mind thinking ahead to atleast try =)

but Agility is sitting on a high Hope right now because im really Eager to try it out =)
The best way to show with your dog is in Obedience,Rally, or Agility. It is all about how well the two of you work together not about what great looks your pup inherited. Anyone can do it!
Ya i think i have chosen to try that =)
Our breeder asked to take one last look at Al before we neutered him -- she was having difficulty deciding which of the litter to show -- one quick look at 6 months and she declared him a bit cow-hocked -- so we're spared the joys of owning an intact show-dog celebrity, just because our otherwise sensible breeder had her glasses on backwards that day (cow-hocked, my [BLEEP])!
But I show Gwynnie and Al all the time to the most discriminating judges: neighbors, passersby, local kids, total strangers. "OOOOoooh, they're so CUTE! Are they FRIENDLY? can I PET them....?!?" I cajole little children into mustering the courage to touch my fearsome beasts, instructing them not to stick their gooey fingers into my dogs' eyes. I expound corgi arcana to their parents. I watch older kids play with my dogs to exhaustion. I bask in the admiration of other hikers, seeing these diminutive animals on a mountaintop 10+ miles from the nearest road. Once, a driver pulled up, just to say, "You have the cutest dogs in the world" (standard reply, "I am inclined to agree with you"). I love to show off my dogs. Shameless.
I've no idea what all this dog-show stuff is about. I harbor a suspicion that dog-breeder people know what they're doing. But the judge that counts is the passerby who smiles, the kid who giggles, the toddler who finally gives your dog a hug. That's Best-of-Breed, right there; that's the real achievement of why we keep these creatures in the first place. All those ribbons and such, that's fun, but keep your eyes on the real prize. So show Ace with pride and joy, every day, but be careful, it's hard to be humble when you've got the best dog in the whole world.
John your Reply made me smile and I whole heartedly agree with you with all my heart... the biggest critic so far is my grandfather.. but thats another story =)

and I really do Love when people stop the car just to ask me what he is and that he is cute =) Thank you so much for your comment
=) well put
I still think those show leads are cool, you can always get one of those Jen!
Lol true on that =) but Ace would break it in a heart beat i fear right now since he pulls so hard when we go for walks lol but that will be remedied after our obediance classes we are starting =) so maybe after the classes ill get one of those spiffy leads lol
John, I could not agree with you more. There is something about Corgis that kids love. Not so big to be intimidating, but sturdy enough that they don't break easily, mine have been bear-hugged by, and licked faces of, more kids than I can count.

We have literally stopped traffic with our two. People will stop the car and get out and squeal, or roll down the window and say "Are those CORGIS!!!!" or "What kind of dogs are those? they are so cute!" with excitement.

One of mine is a retired show dog (no thanks to a blessed thing I have ever done) and one is not, and I can't say as there is a blind bit of difference in the reaction we get to the two of them. Except at the vets, where the one who was not raised by me is, of course, a delight and the one who was raised by me can't wait to get off the table.
I love the Traffic stopping ace and I recieve as well as the 'Oh My gosh its a Corgi puppy I never seen a puppy one'


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