I know this is a nasty subject but I would really love some input here. My corgi Nash IV is around 1 1/2 and loves his walks. So much infact that he seems to get overly excited or anxious. At first I thought it was nervous poops. Like he would have almost diarrhea. He gets into a pooping position and then he just mostly excretes yellowish fluid. This is tough because you can't pick it up. I used to go around pretending to pick up but I'm getting sick of that. I was at a public dog walking place and Nash did his usual and drained his fluid glands. I decided not to pretend to pick up and a neighbor yelled at me from across the way, do you want a bag to pick that up? I said no that's not necessary, I have lots of bags but this isn't poop. My dog just gets anxious. He left me alone but it ruined the whole walk. What would you do about this? Should I be looking to express the glands myself? Will he still continue to do this? I'm sick of pretending to pick up poop, and I'm not comfortable looking like a negligent dog owner. Help!

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@ Heather - wow, that's great...and I think that's what has solved my dogs issues with overactive anal glands. 

My dogs have been on some type of Wellness brand since I've had them:  Super5mix (tried both chicken and the whitefish/sweet potatoe flavors), Core Original, and finally the Super5mix Healthy Weight and the Core Reduced Fat.  I did a quick search and found that the healthy weight and the core reduced fat had the highester fiber content, at 8% and 12% respectively.  The regular formulas all had around 4% fiber in them.  With the regular formula, they were constantly stinky butt doggies.  Since I've switched them over, no yucky odors or excretions.  Who knew?  


Higher fiber content = no stinky fish butt!  Seems like fiber is good for everyone. 


plain canned pumpkin is what you want, not the canned pumpkin with all the added ingredients. 

To be fair, I'm not a chef. I'm a dog person. As far as I knew, there was only one kind of canned pumpkin! Haha!

Good job clarifying, Natalie! Also, never ask me to bake anything.

No problem Heather and Thank You.  :) 

I had no idea what that was, also did the pretend pickup!

Well, you could always carry pet wipes and wipe it up.  It's that simple.

My Chuckie poops on sidewalks ok?.  He doesn't do it on the grass, sometimes he'll do it on dirt patches if I'm lucky but, mostly on sidewalks or concrete.  His poop is not always easy to pick up especially when he has diarrhea and he goes on the sidewalk.  I pick up what I can and pull out the wipes to wipe up the mess as clean as I can with the wipes. 

The pet wipes I get are cheap.  I get mine at the 99 cents store.  I buy 4 at a time or just buy the cheapest brand of baby wipes you could find.  I use it to wipe his butt too whenever he has wet poop because it ALWAYS gets on his bit of fur that covers his bunghole.  Of course I could just cut that piece of fur away but, I like not seeing his bunghole.

I do.  Mine are always swollen and smell horrible.  XD


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