Our Fox, who is now almost 11 months old.....and very active.... has taken to snacking on our walls when left alone.  He is not left alone very often, and when it does happen, he is left in his room (our laundry room), which is large enough and has a half bath attached to it.  He is left with food and water and chew toys.  Hmmm, does he need a sibling?  Suggestions?

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How many minutes of outdoor walking (not loose leash in the backyard) does he get a day?
He's home with my husband..... and he says he takes him out in the backyard for two 30 minute runs. And he runs around crazily during that time. He does go to daycare once a week..... and gets exhausted there playing with other like minded individuals.
Try walking / running beyond the backyard, corgis are herding dogs and they need mental and physical challenges. Many behaviour issues can be solved by increasing exercise alone.
We definitely see the herding instinct in Fox. I'll start the walk/run Rx today.......thank you Sam!
I just re-read your post....... actual outdoor leash walking - Fox doesn't get much of that. I need to get us in to an obedience class - meant to several months before now, but you know how life gets in the way. I had been taking him to work with me during the day for about six months and keeping him in a portable fence. As he grew, that seemed a bit confining, and he was starting to push the kennel around to suit his tastes. We can't just let him loose in our backyard. It's on an acre and there are two horses (penned) that he is always trying to play with, and a 600 lb. pig (also in a pen) that could really be dangerous if he accessed her area. I did buy a 10 x 10 foot chain link kennel that I'll be putting together this weekend, but, a pen is a pen.
Baron has gone from chewing all the furniture in our house to chewing the molding on the doorway. He even does it when I'm in the same room. He is also left alone very often with all his toys and water available. He has cat siblings, but they don't like him.

At 6 months, Baron is still teething.
Apparently drywall is pretty tasty to some dogs. My previous corgi, Buffy, did it as a puppy so we kenneled her with a kong with a little cheese in it when we were not around. Eventually she stopped wanting to chew on things other than her kong when we were not home. I think as adolescents they need regular walks(30-45 min) and appropriate things to chew on because they get bored.
Thank you for the input! The walks are a good idea.... we had gotten out of the habit, but I will reinstate the walking.
Jordan ate some of my kithchen floor!!! right in the middle when we went to work and thought to baby gate him in there....oh well though. I hate the flooring and want to replace it anyways..just proves he's got good taste =)
Off to Home Depot for new flooring! Thanks for the input!
I vote for regular walks and outdoor time as well as kongs!


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