Well, it's good news/bad news. Sully finally figured out how to bark to let me know she needs to go out. The bad news is she figured it out because she became frantic since she has to go out immediately and often today as she woke with diarrhea. She also seems to have a bit of dry heaves but no vomiting. This is the one day of the week her vet's office closes at noon so I am taking a wait and see tack since her vet once suggested watching and taking her in if it lasted more than 24 hours but she only had mild runs and very slight vomiting that time.  On occasion she gets the runs from an occasional odd treat, which she had (one small one) yesterday, but it seems to be lasting longer this time. In the past I can stop it by giving her a little dry Nutro which constipates her and normalizes things. It doesn't seem to be helping this time. I was wondering if plain, unsweetened, unspiced applesauce might help, but in the past the vet said to stop all food for at least 12 hours, though she vomited as well on that occasion. I truly believe it was a rouge treat that will run it's course, but it has been about 6.5 hours now so I wanted another opinion. Of course if she begins to throw up or the diarrhea gets worse I will make an emergency vet call, but I'm hoping I can save Sully the trauma and myself a bill if at all possible. Any thoughts?

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BRAT die, bananas, applesauce rice, toast.  The bananas and applesauce work as natural kaopectate, rice easy to digest, works for people and puppies.


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