Yesterday Lulu's left ear took a nose dive!

She is 6 months old today and has all her permanent teeth.

Her left ear has always been on the "floppy" side, never stood up with great conviction, but yesterday, after swimming and getting wet, it flopped.

Today it is back up, but looks really droopy.

Is 6 months old to old to tape? Anyone else have this issue?


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I would try massaging the ear with her head laying down so the ear is standing up when you massage it.  That is the advice I got from my vet when we were trying to get our pups ear to stand.

I would just tape it. If you get the wider masking tape usually just one wrap will be enough to hold it up.

Maddie was 4 when we got her. She has big old ears and a petite face. Her breeder told us that her ears went up and down til she was almost a year old. They'd get droopy if it was hot, apparently, or for some other reasons I can't recall.

I'd probably tape it for a couple days if she's ok with it.


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