Teddy Bear has been taking gluclosamine / MSM supplements since his limping episode began about 10 weeks ago. Every brand of this type of supplement warns about increased risk of urinary tract stones.

Is this something I should worry about? I hate to stop the supplements because they *might* be helping. Hard to tell for certain.

We feed him Eukanuba, and I contacted them about this question. They said that their foods are designed to hit the correct urine Ph level (that's all the info they could give me).

Anyone here have their Corgis on a joint supplement, and had a bladder stone incident as a result?

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Sparty is ten and on supplements. Never had a problem.
I had my lab Shuffles on a glocosamine/chon. supplement for years before his passing and never had a problem but he was a water drinking fool do to his cushings. You might worry if your pup doesn't drink alot of water
Thanks...good data points. Yup, he loves his water bowl so no problem drinking.
It seems Corgis are prone to UTIs. Bailey has had two. I have been considering giving her a joint supplement, but now I'm scared to...


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