Just returned home after a long night at the vet!

Bandit is our 1 year old Corgi - - he was following my son out of the garage & his left hind leg got crushed by the door (it is one of those heavy doors that close on their own)

The vet says because of where the fracture is at casting won't work.

She also indicated that he will need to have surgery and although she couldn't give us an estimate because she & her office don't do orthopedic surgery; she indicated it would cost "at least a couple thousand".

She said an amputation would be significantly cheaper; but I told her I was not interested in hearing about that option until I have talked to the 3 surgeons she was referring me to.

So - - of course we have to wait to hear what we are up against on Monday in terms of cost - and we WANT to have the surgery done; but if it is several thousand dollars we will have to work to do some quick fundraising and begging family members to help us with the cost.

I am curious to know of anyone's thoughts, advice, or experience with this type of injury... I live in Portland, OR area - so any suggestions of surgeons would be awesome!

I am attaching his xray from tonight & a picture of our poor baby with his splint :(


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Just chipped in! So glad to help Bandit. I've got three kids in college, I know how hard it is. Keep up the good work!

Have chipped in to help, Merry Christmas!

Hi Amy, my computer has been acting weird and I just got on the site and saw what happened to Bandit...poor guy!  Prayers for him and your son and all of you.  What is the update on surgery?  I will also chip in on CorgiPals to help cover the cost...just wondering how it is going... do you by any chance need a wheelchair for him?  I have one that was custom made for my Angel Emma who suffered terribly with DM.  She went to the bridge over a year ago and the wheelchair is just hanging in the garage, praying I will never need it for Jack or Kate...I would be happy to ship it to you if it would help Bandit get around better.  Know you all are being thought of and prayed for!  Corgi licks to Bandit!


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