I'm going to give my puppy his first bath....I'm hoping the process will go ok, but then again, I don't know what to expect, so I'm totally open to advice! Also, do I need to take any particular
precaution regarding his ears? (are ear infections easy to get?)

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Make it fun and take your time.  I always use lukewarm water and have a mat or large towel on the bottom of the tub. I usually just wash the face and ears with a wrung out was cloth and rinse the nose with a sprayer. I just use my organic shampoo and no conditioner. Rinse well and I drain the water before I get my dogs out so that I can take my hands and smooth it over their backs/legs to get some water off,then towel dry a bit in the tub and have 2 towels to set him on with another towel to cover him with immediatly and then after dried a bit more he will shake and run around like an idiot. Hope this helps.
Both of mine do the shake and run around like idiots portion very well. If you are worried about water in the ear, you can stuff a couple of cotton balls on the surface area where they arent too far in. We have special 'bath time' cookies for our kids, so they get all excited when its bath time.

Thank you so much for the advice!  I used a towel, which I never would have thought of! It really helped.  I made sure I had treats with me to help him out and reward him when he was have his good moments.  I also kept in mind about rinsing well and draining the water. 

I didn't have any cotton balls, but I think I may try to do it next time.  I think I'm going to get him special Bath Time treats as well.  This way he won't get bored of the same treat for everything we learn together!

Thanks so much!

I take a shower with the dog(s).  Be very careful if you do this, dangerous if you slip!  Our dogs are used to this; they don't freak.

Always dilute dog shampoo before applying to the dog.  Don't use human soaps/shampoos (I made that mistake once).

After bath is a great time to clip claws -- they're soft.

Make sure you have a fine-mesh drain screen if you don't want to be on a first-name basis with your plumber.

Ideally, I'd like to get to this point, because honestly, I'm gonna get wet anyway........

I had some organic puppy shampoo that I used and it said "you may dilute shampoo"....but I didn't understand the reason for it. 

I made sure, I kept my hair catcher in the tub :)  I have to use it for myself, haha!

Thanks so much for your help!

I've seen great reviews for South Bark Dog Wash.  I little out of my way, but I think it'll be a good place to go to every now and then.  I'm already thinking, I may go when the mother in law comes to visit!  Bebop can get a proper pampered experience AND then I'll know he'll be super clean.


It's funny that you mentioned that you got in with Butters, because I was coming to that point last night!  I was assessing the situation and I thought "If I just sit on that end of the tub, this might be easier, I'm already soaked anyways"  Then I realized that he was more afraid of the sound of the water than the actual water itself.  So I scrubbed as much as I could and only turned the water on when I really needed to. He handled the blow dryer better...go figure!

At South Bark, do they wash him for you? Or you do everything yourself?
Uh... BATHE?  a  PUPPY?   whufo?
Bathing too often is not good...maybe look back on some old posts...mine get a bath 1 maybe 2 times a year...only if needed!
Apparently I am opposite of every one on this site.  I use my shampoo and conditioner on Quin, she is a fluff so I feel she needs the conditioner other wise her hair is very hard to brush, with conditioner I have no trouble with tangles behind her ears or under her front legs.  Also I bathe her about once a month or when ever her white fur starts to turn brown.  There is no grass where I live only dirt and rocks and it is very dusty. We walk every day on the dirt road, She looks like pig pen when she is running after a stick.  She doesn't have dry skin even though it is very dry in AZ.  Our average humidity is about 17%. She never scratches.   I always rinse her very well, until I see no more suds ( I also think the conditioner helps with this)  I think that human shampoo is more gentle then dog shampoo because it is made to be used every day where dog shampoo they are assuming you will use it only 2 times a year.  just my 2 cents.
Human shampoo is actually not recommended for dogs because it strips the natural oils from their coat and causes them to be dry and scaly. Its probably a little different with a fluff who has so much hair. Definitely not recommended for a traditional corgi coat or a short haired dog. They make dog conditioner, or use mane and tail for horses or baby shampoo and conditioner work great, tear free and very gentle.
If you want, you can also make your own shampoo very cheaply and easily. I do this, and then I know exactly what's in it.


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