Hi everyone, I moved Tommy into my new apartment yesterday (in a new state) and boy did we have a rough first night and morning.  Last night he wouldn't sleep in his crate (as he has always done) and wouldn't settle down at all (standing next to the bed barking in my face throughout the night).  This morning when I left I tried him in and out of the crate (he always has been fine home alone but in the new place I worried a bit) and in both scenarios he barked incessantly at the top of his corgi lungs.  I just sat in my car in the parking lot at my wit's end, listening to him bark and knowing the neighbors probably wanted to shoot us both at 7:30am.  I imagine them to be leaving angry notes on my door as I type this.  Anyone else experience this with a move? Any tips to ease his transition?? Thank you!

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We lived in an apartment when we first got Noodles. It wasn't until a couple weeks had gone by that my neighbors below us told me that he barked for the first hour after we left. I felt awful about that, but they were completely understanding and they loved petting Noodles every time we walked past their door. Well, I decided to wise up and I started leaving the TV on. I remember the first day I got home, they both were waiting at their door with worried looks on their faces. Since they didn't hear a peep from him all day, they thought I had gotten rid of him. I eased their minds and told them that I started leaving the TV on for him. We lived in the apartment for 6 months and "yes", the TV was on the whole time. When we moved in to the house, I left the TV on for about a week and then I started not leaving it on. Of course we were in a house then, but I never heard that he barked while we were gone (and to this day, we have neighbors that are at home all day long). Not sure if this would be an option for you, but thought I'd suggest it. The radio worked at night, but it wasn't enough to distract him during the day, so he got TV during the day and the radio at night for a while.

That sounds good and I always leave radio/TV on while I am gone.  It makes me feel better but I don't know what they think but some complained about barking over here a year or so ago so I have to try to minimize that especially at night.

Hi Alison, haha I hope someday someone thinks Tommy is missing too lol Thanks for the good advice!! I left the tv on today but somehow it was off when I got home, my cable must have gone out! I may put a fan on for him tomorrow too.... I guess it just takes time.  I was just so frustrated this morning.  It's nice to know i'm not alone!! 

I am so sorry for both of you.  He is such a sweet baby.  I have some natural calming chews but I am not sure if I could get them to you.  Have you met Ashley R.?  I could watch to see if her grandmother's car comes home.  If it does, I will give her a bag to send by Ashley.  But I wonder if he needs something stronger for a brief while as I assume he is bewildered by all of the changes.  Good luck.

Hi Lois! I haven't met Ashley yet ... I have been on the lookout but I think that all of my classes are mostly with second year students. Honestly i'm still a little bewildered and out of place here myself still haha

What are the calming chews called? Maybe I could find some at the pet store??? 

The chews are from Pet Naturals of Vermont (bone shaped) and are for medium and large dogs.  Now, we wouldn't want corgis to hear that they aren't big dogs.  They contain Thiamine (B1), L-theanine and Colostrum Calming Complex.  I use theanine as a sleep aid.  I also have a Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals for canines STRESS CONTROL (a liquid).  It contains a combination of herbs and homeopathic materials.  I got them to use together, I though I could drop the liquid on the chews especially at times of stress like when tornados go buy but they are best used as preventatives.  Rescue Remedy is sold for humans and there are dog preparation but it is the same as used for humans but you pay more to have it repackaged.  This might be something that you could get at a health food store as well as some pet stores.  Most pet stores carry lines of products that are generally only at their stores.

I imagine you do feel a bit like a fish out of water.  Things go at a different pace down here.

thanks so much, Lois! I'll go out later (and take Tom with me!) and see what I can find!!! :)

I would take a Kong and spray cheese in it and put it in the crate with him. Sometimes it helps to focus them on a quiet soothing activity. Obviously he just can't figure out why you haven't taken him home yet! So sorry and hopefully your neighbors will be understanding!

Do you have a Kong?  If you do try to fix it tonight and freeze over night as the frozen stuff requires a lot longer for them to chew through.

I do, I have like seven different styles of them actually!! He usually gets peanut butter so i'll definitely have to come up with something new and exciting! Thanks for the tip on the freezer!! :)

thanks, Bev! That's a great idea.  I usually give him a treat as I put him in the crate, but never really leave something in there with him.  I will try that tomorrow!! :)

I agree with the suggestions given so far. I leave the tv on for Becca. If I know there will be construction nearby or extra noises outside I also leave a fan or the ac on. Sunday I filled several treat toys and put them in the freezer. I alternate what I leave for Becca each day. Today was frozen Honest Kitchen in a Kong. Tomorrow will be kibble in a puzzle type dispenser.

How is your new place in relation to the other apartments? I have the bottom floor of a house, so I get noise from above. Noise from outside seems to bother Becca more though. If you start leaving a tv, radio, or fan on, think about where best to place it. With nearby construction this summer I kept the windows down on that side of the house. I also left the tv on, which is also on the same side.


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