The Call Me Maybe Corgi video made me think of how many other good corgi vids there are on youtube, so I thought we should have a list and share.  These are my faves, please add yours! 


Sparky Keltic Kibble Dance  (My personal favorite!)


Call Me Maybe - Corgi Remix


Corgi Flop


Queen Watches Corgis At Heathrow  (Like a clown car..)


Corgi Tetherball Game

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Yes, that is the one..never fails to crack me up! Such a totally corgi thing to do.

Yesssss!  Kaley corgi is my favorite!  If Shippo did Obedience, this is probably what he would do to me LOL.

That one is funny!   All too easy to imagine...

Cooper belly flops into the lake (the video that firmed up my hubby's decision to get a Corgi!)

We watched that one easily a dozen times!!  The best ever!

Isn't it CUTE??  It was the first Corgi video I watched and started my Corgi Campaign, LOL!

This is my favourite video:

"Corgis Go to See the Royal Wedding".... so cute!!! :)

Oh I love Charlie from youtube!  I could just watch the video over and over! He has a cast on one of his front paw too!

OMC that one is adorable. I love the way he 'talks' to his owner, too. I love all the ones people have mentioned so far, but this is the first I hadn't seen yet. Does that tell you I have been on youtube typing in "corgi" too often? The commercial with the corgi sled dogs is fun, too.

That is adorable! I have never seen it either.

Not at all! I was and am a total youtuber of corgis too! I even favorited them! LOL!


I love this one.  Artfully done and cute... Watch til the very end for a fun extra!


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