Hi everyone,

This is going to be a pretty long discussion, but I really have no idea what else I can do and I need to talk to some Corgi experts. First, let me explain how we got our Pembroke, Tobi. My boyfriend's, friend's, girlfriend said she was no longer able to keep Tobi because of insurance issues and because her landlord was going to raise their rent because of Tobi (which I have never heard of before). Tobi was purchased when he was 8 weeks old from a breeder for $600 and his owners said they took him to PetSmart training, that he rarely ever had accidents in the house, and that he was a great dog. But, none of that seems to be the case. My boyfriend and I purchased him for $400 and we were given Tobi's crate, toys, food, treats, leashes, bowls, and he already had all of his shots and is licensed. They also gave us his folder of all of his past Vet visits. They obviously put a lot of money into this dog which is also why it seems a little weird how they could get rid of him so easily. They also made us sign a contract which pretty much states that once Tobi left their home we could not bring him back if we were not satisfied (the girl's mother made this very clear). I would never part with my animals, I believe that once you get them they become part of your family forever.

I also want to add that Tobi was really a spur of the moment purchase for my boyfriend and I (stupid, I know). My parents had no idea we were bringing Tobi home and weren't too thrilled because we already have a Min Pin and a German Shepherd, but my boyfriend and I have always wanted a Corgi and we thought this was too good of a deal to pass up.

Tobi rarely ever comes when calls, he bites really hard all of the time and we have tried everything from spraying him with water, yelling, and even putting him in his crate. He barks and whines constantly when in his crate sometimes even after being sprayed or by telling him to be quiet. We will take him outside every couple of hours and right after meals and he will stay outside for up to 20 minutes at a time and never use the bathroom. But, once he gets in the house he starts peeing (he is also not Neutered) and pooping everywhere. We take him right back into the yard after he poops in the house and we drop his poop in the grass to show him that outside is where to go. You would think that by 6 months old he would be going to the bathroom outside A LOT more than inside.

My bedroom now reeks of urine and we are getting it professionally cleaned this week, but we don't know what to do to keep it clean after that. It's like Tobi doesn't want to use the bathroom OUTSIDE. I want him to stop biting, we can't even cuddle with him or play nicely without the biting. And it would be nice for him to come when called. We have tried treats as rewards and cannot afford to take him to PetSmart training right now. So any tips would be greatly appreciated. My parents are giving my boyfriend and I 1 month to straighten Tobi out and if Tobi does not improve my parents are making us give him away and it would break my heart to do that to him. He was already given away once and I don't want to keep shuffling him around from family to family.


***Sorry for this long post, I'm just really lost right now and have no idea what to do. My family thinks that Tobi's owners really just wanted him out because of how he is and that they were not satisfied with him (they also got rid of a dog before him). Thanks in advance for reading and for possibly giving some advice or opinions.

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Good to know! Tobi will be getting neutered VERY soon!
image he quit! He was afraid what he was going to lose next.
A little patience with Tobi will go a long way.   It sounds like he has an issue with his change in owners and may be suffering from separation anxiety. First, his crate is his "safe" place and should not be used for discipline. This is where he needs to go to feel safe.  I literally laid in my corgi's crate to show him that it is a comforting place to be.  We left the door open for him and now he is used to going in and out and he now finds comfort in going in there. Pooping and peeing is one of the separation anxiety behaviors. Also, when you walk Tobi, try walking him with the other dogs in the household.  He will learn by example to go outside if all the furry friends go out and do their business at the same time.  Only give him treats when he does his business outside, then he can associate treats with the correct way to poop and pee outside.  My 10 year old HARLEE still goes to the treat bowl after going outside, a behavior he learned as a puppy and it is as natural to him to do this as anything else. I wish you luck.. He sounds like a wonderful dog and with time he will be okay.  it will take some patience, but in the end, they are the best dogs.
You got a lot of great answers.....Luv this site!!!  In regards to odor, I found that Nature's Miracle is a life saver.  We had a few accidents on the carpet, sprayed, blotted, dried and Munchkin never went to that spot again!!  No carpet discoloration, works well on tile and can be used in the laundry.  The Orange scent is rather pleasing the regular one has a very light smell.  And it is safe for all in the house.  Sam also has a peroxide formula that can be found in the FAQ.  Remember also that he is adjusting to a new home and testing boundaries. Like the good folks here told me, hang in there it is so worth it!!!  Good luck
Hi everyone! I just wanted to update you all on Tobi and his behavior. We've gone almost a week without any accidents in the house, we take him outside after meals on a leash and he does his business right away, instead of giving him free roam of the room we keep him leashed to something so he can't wander and chew and use the bathroom (we give him his toys & water and he's content) & the biting has gotten so much better! Just wanted to update all of you & thanks again for all of the great advice! (:
Keep up the good work!
Wonderful news!  Keep up the good work, Toby is well worth it.  One day you'll be surprised that he really has changed into a well mannered young pup.
Looks like the both of you are doing good. All that fuse for nothing. Glad your doing a good job.
I am glad your patience is being rewarded!


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