Hi there, my puppy Rosie is a little over six months old. Over the last several weeks she has developed a habit of play biting her humans when she gets a little too rambunctious. This consists of grabbing our hands and gently holding it in her teeth -- never hurting. If she does get a little too sharp, she instantly stops when we yell OUCH or NO BITE!

I know mouthing and chewing are common behaviors in puppies, but she pretty much sticks to chewing her toys -- never anything like table legs, electrical cords, etc.

Is this play biting a corgi thing, or just regular teething puppy behavior?



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I'd vote for regular puppy behavior. It takes awhile before it registers with pups that chomping upon the beloved is not necessarily appreciated by the beloved.

Not teething behavior at six months.  Puppy behavior, yes, but it will continue into adulthood if you allow it.  My  own rule is that dogs don't put any part of me, my clothing, or my things in their mouth and that goal starts on day  one that I have them.  However, you too need to not encourage unwanted behavior by roughhousing, or by getting the pup so worked up it goes out of control. You want to be gentle and teach gentle ways, giving a lot of healthy outlets for the energy levels natural to young dogs.  When I say "you" I mean anyone interacting with your pup.  The humans in the household are often harder to train than the pup....

My Barney was also sired by Maverick.Got him last March.He is extremely active,very fast and agile,but very aggressive while playing.Hes rough with our cats,although he sometimes plays with them.He like to chew my hands,just like his Kong toys.Hes also chewed up four beds now.Is your Rosie at all like this?

Ha! Humans are definitely harder to train! By far! I'm constantly having to say to my husband " what are you.training the dog to do right now" - when he is rough housing with her and letting her bite his hands. With my son it's trying to get him to either pick up his stuff off the floor or keep his door shut, Either one. It's been two years.... I'm still trying :(.

At my home, when the humans will not cooperate regarding reasonable interaction with the dog, or dogs, , I temporarily remove the dog.  That applies to family members, as well as guests.  I always remove the dogs from the common area if there are visiting toddlers.  It does not pay to make the dog an issue..... and one's chances of  convincing an uncooperative human, in my experience, are minimal.   As for stuff left on the floor by kids, one can sequestrate those belongings for a few days and have the kid earn them back with some chores... That usually convinces them pretty fast :-D


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