i would like to find a akc full registration blue or blui corgi female , can any one tell me where to find one? thanks

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IF you can find one, you're getting it from a bad breeder and should run away. Good breeders don't sell puppies with disqualifying faults on full registrations; the very few times I can think of it happening it was a very specific color fault (like a merle Great Dane; merles are disqualified but they can produce harlequins and are very occasionally used in breeding) to a fellow breeder who knew what he or she was doing. That puppy would never have been sold with full registration to a relatively new owner.

Blueies are gorgeous but they do not have a "place" in Pembroke breeding. There's no reason to use them when there are so many correctly colored Pems out there.

If you're talking about a merle Cardigan (sometimes called blue), you'd begin by approaching a reputable breeder who has merles. But it should require jumping through a lot of hoops to get one on full registration.
Do you mean a blueie Pembroke? If so, that is a color fault and any out there would be sold on a pet registration by any reputable breeders.

If, as Joanna says, you mean a blue merle Cardigan, then that would be a different story.
Please don't breed specifically on a color fault and like Joanna and Beth have both stated..any reputable breeder wouldn't sell that puppy with open registration and if they did I can almost guarantee you that they are not testing for anything on their dogs and the conformations are lacking along w/empty pedigrees filled with dogs from substandard kennels.


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