Sometimes I look at my 6 month old Baxter and his from legs look so weird...

I've tried looking up how Corgi's look when they're growing up and I can't find anything.


I just want to make sure that it's normal..and that Baxter is ok...


(He never has any problems walking and it doesn't seem to be hurting him)


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Hmmm, I didn't know this! Thank you for the education :)
I am glad you started this discussion.  My corgis leg look just like this.  Kinda knobbly looking, but they never seem to have any problem.  I am happy to read from these replies that it is normal for them to look like this.  By the way, Baxter is very handsome!
Thank you very much! I know he appreciates all the compliments :)
Thank you! I have worked as a vet tech so clipping nails is the lest of my problems. I think that everyone subconsciously thinks they are hurting their babies but dogs are smart, they will use it to their advantage lol.  I personally think that his nails are fine, but I really appreciate everyone's input! :)
Yup his legs look fine to me. When my cardi boy was neutered they shaved a spot right next to the knobby area, and boy does it look even funnier now! (I will second the opinion of his nails being too long though)

The illustrated study of the PWC states forearms turned slightly inward with the distance between the wrists less then between the shoulder joints.  The slight turn of the forearms make the wrists closer together than the elbows and shoulders. The pasterns and feet are parallel and point straight forward. What does he look like when he is standing and on the move? Sometimes when they sit it will exaggerate an easty westy look. Also, do the nails every 3-4 days to the quick and the nails will become shorter. I make four cuts with my trimmers or use a dremel.

What are you feeding him also. It is thought that puppy kibble will have long bones grow faster then the soft tissue which will cause splayed feet and crooked legs and if you wait to long to go to an adult formula the issue is irreversible. Some easty westy legs or splayed feet is genetic and nothing you do will correct it.

Thank you for the info.

I trim his nails often, I apprecite everyone's input on the nails, I guess I should have trimmed them before posting pictures on here because I do not want people thinking that I am a bad Corgi owner or that I don't care.


We feed him Pedigree dog chow, he started on Beniful puppy food until he was 5 months old and started losing teeth then we switched him to the Pedigree (he goes to Grandma's house sometimes and her dogs get fed Pedigree so we didn't want to have to bring different food in case someone got into the wrong food bowl, so we just give him what Grandma's dogs get, but a version that is better for him).

I know this is an old thread, but I'm so glad that someone else has thought this besides me.  Timber is 8 months old now, and one day I was looking at him and thought, "Have his legs always looked crooked?"  He may be going through a growth spurt now as well - he just hit 12" tall at the shoulder!  At first I was really scared that I over-exerted him, but the other pictures in this thread look just like his funny little elbows.  He's not in pain and still can go go go all day long.  Your experiences have given me a little piece of mind, thank you!

I think that's the way their legs are supposed to look. When Cassie came to me from the dog pound, I just assumed something was wrong with her knees and thought it was surprising she didn't limp. But the vet said she was fine and the strange look is the result of the breed's dwarfism. Ruby the Pup's legs look exactly the same way, now that she's a year or so old.

On the nails, Cassie and Ruby's nails wear down to the desired length with a mile a day of walking on sidewalks and, in parts of the 'hood where there are no sidewalks, on the asphalt. The vet has been asked and declined to give them a trim -- says they're maintaining at the right length. LOL! A mile or two a day maintains the human pretty well, too. ;-)

You can't win.  If you trim his claws impeccably, when you get to the Pearly Gates, Baxter will be sitting there beside St. Peter:

"Yes, Mr. Peter.  That's her.  That's the woman who tortured me by repeatedly amputating the tips of my feet.... and she starved me my entire life."

Looks normal to me. I usually can't see the collar in mine because he is so fluffy but not the fluffy kind. He just has really thick fur. The legs are weird like they were twisted or something but they are actually normal for corgis.


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