I got Freya the Bordetella vaccination for the trip--just in case I needed to board her while we are out of town. Um, is it normal for her to sound congested? She had what sounded like a reverse sneeze that sounded congested/phlegmy. I've never had her vaccinated for this...so I'm not sure what to expect.

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Tucker just had a Bordatella shot on Saturday- the daycare he started going to requires it every 6 mos. He was normal the rest of the day and the vet said there shouldn't be any side effects or impact on his behavior from the vaccine. Not sure what other peoples expereinces are. The reverse sneeze seems like a normal thing for corgis..not sure about being phlegmy though.
I always get the Bordetella because we travel a lot with the dogs and often have to use areas specifically set aside for dogs to potty. I have never had them get a stuffy nose but it does go up their nose so I guess she could have a reaction. I would call the vet.
yep i agree with bev on this one. wouldn't hurt to ask if this is normal. ein had his about a month ago and i don't remember him sounding congested. i know its normal for them to want to sneeze after having it done.
Oh yeah, Freya sneezed on me immediately after they shot the stuff up her nose.
Hmm Tucker got his vaccine in a regular shot - not up his nose. I could see if it is administered up the nose that it is more likely to cause nasal symptoms.

I read this online about the vaccine administered through the nose: "Some immediate side effects would be sneezing or discharge as the dog adjusts to what has just been put into his nose."
Charlie had the nasal Bordetella and sneezed and weezed for what seemed a year or longer afterwards. He also snored afterwards and constantly sounded congested. We will never do that one again. Charlie has tons of allergies and is extremely sensitive. I have considered changing vets because of that particular vaccination. (we have never boarded any of our animals)
It really is not just boarding that the Bordetella protects them from. If you regularly go to dog parks or an area that is a designated "doggy Poo" area your dog is susceptible to catching kennel cough from other dogs eliminations. We camp and frequently the parks have dog run areas. You never know who has vacinated their dogs and who hasn't.
I didn't know that! That makes sense.

Lisa, it was Freya's first time getting the shot. I guess the Vet doesn't feel it is necessary unless under boarding conditions--which I've never done. But I do realize that taking Freya to the dog park and also exposing her to Milo could have exposed her to Kennel Cough without me really thinking/knowing about it.

Unfortunately, up the nose is the only way they seem to give that vaccination. I'm sure if I asked, I could have it in a shot form--if necessary, I'll go to another vet. But it was nice to not have her scream from the shot.
When I looked up how the vaccine is administered it did say that the nasal method is faster acting and therefore preferred - especially if you are going on a trip right away and that is why you wanted the vaccination. The website I was reading said the shot could take a month or so to be fully effective which is prob ok for us since Tuckhad it 6 months ago. This daycare is just very strict and doesn't want it to wear off. Just thought I'd share what I read. Sounds like nasal was the way to go in this case but hopefully they would be flexible with you in the future if she had a negative reaction.
Thank you for the information! That makes a lot of sense--we'll be heading out of town on the 12th and will be around other dogs too. So it is a good thing we had the nasal method done.
sometimes the bordatella "vaccination" can cause a mild case of Bordatella. Kennel Cough or Bordatella can be coughing, sneezing, or reverse sneezing. Basically an upper respiratory infection. It should go away in a few days, but if it doesn't I'd take her back to the vet just in case.


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