Ok. The OCD isn't gone. I am ready for the fur bomb in my apartment, the exercise, classes, supplies, back up plans and bank accounts. I can't even seem to convince myself to do any research on other dogs. I am getting a corgi. 

From my research I am leaning toward getting a boy puppy from possibly Poso Creek Puppies in Bakersfield (few hours outside of Los Angeles). I have yet to contact her, I will soon though.

I haven't heard anything bad and it seems to be the most accessible breeder for me in LA. Anyone have a poso puppy? Any one in LA recommend a breeder? I am still researching - all of your links to find breeders have been great. 

I love a tail. But the Pems seem to have the more social non dominant personality needed for a city dog. Any cardigan or pembroke owners able to dispute this generalization? I know all dogs are different and a huge part is on the owner and the socializing but still it seems this is the pattern.

It seems that Females tend to be more aggressive and dominant and I would like the most dog park, dog party, stranger dog, friend dog friendly I can get. I had originally liked the idea of a lady dog but I am now greatly leaning towards a boy because of what I read. Agree?

I want to rescue, I love the idea of a rescue. HOWEVER. For my very first dog that is all mine I really love the idea of bringing home a puppy that has a good healthy background so that my dog can be my forever friend from the minute he leaves is litter and I can try to avoid some of those hip issues. Rescue animals in general have a sorted past and bad habits, often health genetic issues.

I want to know your thoughts on this. I think if I do end up going with a rescue dog I will still try to get one under 6 months old but I think I will be FAR more likely to go with a mutt. I have seen some pretty adorable golden retriever corgi mutts or lab corgis. I feel like the mix will help eliminate some of the corgi genetic issues that seems to appear in rescue pure bred corgis. Plus, I wouldn't hate a tiny bit more leg.

Any input on any of this would be great!

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I think any dog bred or mutt, waitlist or rescue needs to be crate trained, trained and socialized and most importantly "have a job" that it can do well.  I think if you want a corgi, don't put it off - just get one.  Then it will be accomplished.  There will always be dogs or cats to be rescued.  I would also not wait sooooo long between getting two dogs.  I had Greta for 9 years by herself before I finally got my corgi cardi and I think the adjustment and bonding would have been much better if they could have grown up together and then they could occupy each other playing.  now I have an older dog and a puppy and they don't have alot in common so I have to really make sure that I balance out the time I give to each so that there is no resentment.  I love when I see them playing together.  I wish I didn't wait so long to get my corgi girl - she is sooo funny and demanding and cute. 

I have a Cardigan, and he does well in my city when left alone. He shies from anyone who bends down to ask for a cuddle but I put this down to him not having sufficient one-on-one socialisation until he arrived here in France (he was already four months of age). On the other hand, with my work colleagues whom he's known since he first came, he will go around asking for pets and food at any point in the work day. I wouldn't say he's a social butterfly like my Border Collie, but he isn't averse to positive attention from people he trusts.

If what you seek is a bomb-proof dog who can handle any social situation that the world can throw at them, and love it, then I would rather opt for a Pem puppy from a breeder with dogs of golden temperaments, and socialise the heck out of it as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. Having a shy but adorable dog can be very trying - everyone wants to pet it and almost no one "new" to dogs knows how to approach one who isn't exactly thrilled to meet strangers. Often, Ace becomes very uncomfortable and hides behind my legs, and I have to quickly excuse myself in order to give him the space and distance from this very friendly-aggressive human who just invaded his space!

Ace sounds like Maya, she turns her back to people and I tell them, she is cute but shy and if you really want to pet her, give her a minute.  I tell them to wait for her and don't pet her on the head she doesn't like it.  I have Maya sit next to me and if the people are willing to wait then it is a lesson for her to be sociable.  She is getting much better but there are times when she just doesn't want the attention.  I love how open Pems are but I would get another cardi in a heartbeat.

Absolutely. I now have both sides of the coin - Lady is hyper-sociable and will pull to get to people for pettings and kisses. Ace is on the opposite end of the spectrum. He is very much like you described - we can work up to pets from strangers, but it requires more than just 5-10 seconds of bending down to his level! I'm completely in love with the Cardigan breed now, though, and wouldn't want to trade his personality for anything, as I'm sure you must understand with Maya!

When I decided to get a corgi I wanted a puppy. All of my other dogs have always been rescues. I wanted to create my own problems, not have to fix what others created. I researched breeders and arranged some visits. After I was on her waiting list Becca's breeder asked if I would be interested in an 8 month old. The breeder had kept two out of a litter as prospects and decided on the other. Becca hadn't been taught a whole lot obedience wise, I understand now that is normal for a show prospect. She was potty trained however. A few issues have popped up, but overall she has been great.

Becca is on the submissive side with other dogs. There is a german shepard puppy in the neighborhood that she will be snarky towards, but it has no manners. Becca isn't a barker which is great. She is just beginning to bark when people come to the door at 17 months. I would recommend her breeder, but we are in Maine.

Maya is my breeder rescue pup.  She was the last of her litter and she has faults so she would never have made it to the show ring.  She was seven months and no one wanted her.  I am so glad that I have a full bred wonderful lined dog.  She came with her issues and she was afraid of everything and she is still reserved and loves her space around new people.  AND I have a plain ole rescue dog - Greta is the best dog I have ever EVER had.  She is got some corgi in her somewhere but over the years it is evident that she is lab/dobie and a little corgi.  she is a beautiful dog although no one ever knows what she is.  Maya gets all the compliments whenever I have them out and I love it.  I love my dogs! 

Be prepared for barking.  Not all corgis are barkers, but both of ours are.  After our previous dog, a cocker spaniel, died we grieved for a year before we were ready for another dog.  We did a lot of research and narrowed it down to a corgi and began looking.  After several months without finding a corgi puppy we had decided on looking for another cocker.  Luckily a male corgi became available from a breeder. Four plus years later when we decided to add another corgi to the household we got a 3 1/2 old male from a private rescue - we met with prior owners and they approved us.  On the advise of our vet we had been looking for a female as females tend to be more dominant and there is fighting in a two dog corgi house.  Luckily both of our males get along most of the time.  With regards to house-breaking it took less than a week to house break the puppy and he has gone indoors only a couple of times - when we were not paying attention and did not notice that he wanted out.  The rescue came house-broken.  If you are looking for an adult another place to look is Craigslist.  In San Francisco area there are sometimes corgis listed, including some where owners are asking only a small fee (fee is recommended to make sure you are serious).  Anyway good luck with your search as long as you are prepared a corgi will be a delight for you to have around, short legs and all.  I would also recommend crate training your dog.

Katy, Tucker and Kenya (aka Kenny)

I second the crate training. It makes everything easier (travel, house training, leaving them alone while you work, etc).

DEFINITELY plan on crate training. It just make sense for the lifestyle me and my dog intend to lead. Apartments, travel, and a sister who would like the ability to not feel guilty for putting the dog in the crate for a few hours if I am gone. Either with me and by my side or content hanging out in their own space. 

Hi! My baby is from Poso Creek! She is AMAZING, SMART, WELL-BUILT, BEAUTIFUL, PLAYFUL, CUDDLY and a whole lot more! I waited 8 months for the right litter and the right little girl from Poso Creek :) Her fur-parents are Gilby and Paloma. Contact the breeder and let her know what you are looking for. She might know of a Corg that is a little more mature that needs a forever home. Good luck!

How does your girl do with other dogs?

She loves my parents' yellow lab! She also has a golden doodle cousin, a chocolate lab cousin,and a Boston bull terrier cousin in her pack. :) they are best buddies!


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