Hi there. :] I'm looking to bring home a corgi sometime within the next year or so, and figured I'd start doing my research now. Recently I've become intrigued with Pembrokes with tails, after seeing pictures of ones from countries where tail docking is banned. I was wondering if anyone knew of any breeders here in the US that didn't dock tails as well? I know it'd probably be pretty rare, since most breeders breed for show, and tails would be non standard... But if anyone knows of any breeders that don't, please let me know. I live in Southern California, but I'm open to breeders from farther away if they're reputable and willing to ship. If fate would allow it, I would love a fluffy boy with a tail. :]

Thank you!!

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Sidney has his tail and I think it looks wonderful on him! I think there is a breeder or two on this site who don't dock. You might want to ask Jane Christensen, I think.

Dino likes Sidneys tail. Dino has donated his tail to the homeless

Thanks Geri! Sidney's one of the tail-ed pembrokes that I looked at, actually. And I think he's quite handsome with his tail. I'll try asking Jane. I know she does breed without docking, though she is a tad far from me. Haha.

Not to be a downer, but I think a fluffy boy with a tail is probably going to be an almost impossible search. I would also be very, very careful when choosing a breeder if you do decide to go with one that doesn't dock. The vast majority of breeders do dock because that is the standard and most reputable breeders show their dogs. I would look for someone that is at least seriously working their dogs in some other area, such as herding, agility or obedience, and one that is also doing health testing (minimum hips and DM, in my opinion).

Thanks for your comment, Jane. I knew when I posted that it would be pretty impossible. Haha. But I thought I would throw it out there just in case. If somehow one comes up, great. But I'm not in a rush to get a dog, so if the perfect one comes up and he doesn't have a tail, I'm sure not gonna turn him down either. :]

There's a breeder in PA that doesn't dock any more and gives her reasons for it.  




I don't know much about her and I don't see any litters at this time, nor do I see any females listed on her site, so she may have moved away from Corgis altogether.   She breeds working Germand Shepherds and does health testing.  

Thanks Beth! I'll check it out. :]

I would be careful with e-z brook...I know she says she does health testing but a while back someone on another forum was thinking of getting a pup from her, and neither of the parents were health tested as far as we could find (and weren't listed on her website). Of the corgis she has on OFA, almost all are only tested for hips and eyes (which several did not get clears for, but I don't know much about eye issues). I'd ask about a million questions if you do go to her.


That is good to know.   I've not personally talked to anyone who used her.


Personally I wish docking became "optional" in the ring and I hope if more puppy people start asking, maybe some breeders who might be on the fence might start going in that direction.  

I agree, I love the tail and wish it was optional.

Thanks for the heads up, Jane. I'll be sure to be careful with that.

I argue against the fluffy.  They are cute, but there's a reason it's considered a serious fault:  harder to comb, picks up dirt, water, burs, snow, and likely much hotter in warm weather (summer heat is a real issue, the only time I have to wait for them).  Not supposed to be such a good outdoor coat.  The regular corgi coat is so lush, I call it a "pelt".  Snow, dirt, rain just slide off it (the dirt slides off when it dries, inside your house).

Originally,  not liking docking, I wanted a tail, and hoped to find a breeder who'd "save one undocked puppy for us".  It doesn't work that way. Serious breeders are breeding for show, and they can't choose which pup they'll show until it's way too late to dock.  Furthermore, some breeders will pick your pup for you, believing that they can assess the pups' personalities somewhat and do some matchmaking (we asked for a male and not a fluff, but we did not get to chose Al).

If you make the tail your criterion, you might be ruling out most of the best breeders.  We reluctantly accepted the docking as unavoidable.  We blundered into a really serious breeder and have been completely pleased.

I think it's a shame.  I think docked dogs have a maimed look to them.  I see Al wagging his nub, and wonder what the whole tail would've been doing.  He often does not like being approached closely by other dogs, and I wonder if a tail would've helped him say "Back Off!" more graciously.  Curled up beside me at night like a furry tortellini under the cold mountain sky, those cold noses are looking for a warm tail to snuzzle under.  I am unconvinced by the reasons given for docking.  The European and Australian Pems have gorgeous tails.  Docking seems arrogant and hugely invasive.

I wish the American standard would be re-written to make docking optional, then let the free market decide.

Given a choice, I'd go for an undocked tail in a heartbeat. 

I'd also consider a cardi, but I don't know much about them.


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