Hello :)

Since I am looking for a breeder at the moment I am checking all the important things about breeders I can find. Mostly I am sure now to differ a good from a bad breeder. A dream of mine would be to find a fluffy, what is about to never happen here anyways... still one can hope. 

Now I wonder what you guys would think about a breeder who does not breed show accurate corgis but let's say intentional fluffy ones or maybe not 'correct' colors ones. Would that bee a bad breeder? Or would you think it's okay when they would inform directly that they do it for hobby and that their dogs are not to be used for show because they are not allowed in color or coat?

(Let's say they are faithful and also look for health and character in their breeding)

I am really interested in your opinion on this :)

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My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that a lot of breeders feel that one copy of the fluff gene gives a "glamour coat" that is still a proper standard coat but has a bit more ruff and longer pants and is over all a bit fuller.

My Maddie is fluff-factored (one copy of the gene) and her coat is very plush, though it does seem to pick up snow a tiny bit if the snow is very wet while Jack's never does.  She was bred to a fluff-free, so there would be no fluffy puppies.

I think you are correct Beth, I've heard that as well about the fluff gene and glamour coats.

I follow a lot of cardigan blogs and there are definitely many breeders who keep fluffs in their breeding program without blinking an eye. I've seen some breeders even say that they would prefer the standard changed to include the longer coat as well.

I am glad I could tack onto this post.  We got Logan from a breeder that works very hard to test and breed out any genetic health problems, especially DM.  She says that sometimes there is so much RIGHT with a dog that is it wrong to discard that bloodline for the one flaw.  My breeder said that she had gone a long time without any fluffs showing up but has had one in each of her last two litters. I think that that breeder that are choosing to breed against the fluffy gene are short-sighted.   I know that in the UK it isn't such a curse and gorgeous fluffs are having litters of their own.  

PS-How I got Logan was that I just put it out there.  I posted that I was looking here on mycorgi and also wrote my friend in the UK.  A few weeks later I got a call from a breeder in Michigan, that didn't work out for us but then she told someone else and I found our Logi.  Good luck.  I think that fluffs are like four-leaf clovers.  So worth the wait!

I do see what you are saying about the breeder not breeding for show.  If there is someone out there that has the dogs your are looking for, that is your decision.  I hope you find just what you are looking for!  I would want to make sure that she does have the best interest of her dogs as her number one priority though.  That is best for the whole breed. 

There's a few breeders on this forum, have you talked to them? 

I would love to contact some of the breeders here bust most are from the US and I live in Germany, that's a little bit far away :)

Hello and thanks for your answers!
I had a little Laptop problem and just got it fixed, so sorry for not answering anything!
I'll go through all your posts when I am back from work and still in the condition to answer...

(So let's hope for no hooligans ;))

If you look at the staggering number of dogs that are euthanized daily, plus all the ones that are waiting for homes in the care of rescue groups or on sites like Craigslist etc. it is abundantly clear that we do not need more dogs! So is there a place for breeding?  My subjective answer is yes, because, were it not for responsible breeders, the various breeds would be lost and that would be a shame.  So what is a "responsible breeder"?  Someone who breeds in the best interest of the breed, on all fronts, which means correct conformation, temperament and working ability, screening for breed specific genetic problems. This breeder will screen people wanting to buy a puppy, teach people about the breed, mentor new owners and ABOVE ALL stand ready to take back any dog of their breeding that loses its home for any reason.

This breeder loves dogs and will put the same amount of time and care into all the dogs it produces, whether they are of the quality hoped for, or fall short of the mark and will make sure that those who do not meet breed standards are not bred down the line, but find wonderful pet homes because they are healthy and have excellent temperaments, thus meeting the minimum requirement of any pet.   Breeders like this, who truly love the breed, are often also involved in Breed Rescue.

Sooo it took a little to go through all the nice replies , again, thank you very much to help me to choose right.

Of course I would always go for health first, right now I am waiting for a breeders reply after I asked if they did all the necessary health checks/tests. Until now the person seems okay, and the website looks good as well (pictures at least look like the dogs really have a happy time and are cared well for and the breeder just has 1-2 litters per year and always just one per time. As well as they have pics of their adult puppies from the ppl who adopted them)

So I really hope that she tests her dogs... since I don't think I could take a puppy anymore if not.. As you said, it would be sad to love a dog and it gets sick because of no testing of the parents :/

+ We just have around 15 active breeders for Corgis here in Germany (more who just don't breed actively) as far as I could find out, so I really hope the few we have do the necessary test... I'd even drive a bit further.


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