Looking for some advise at bringing our new puppy (2nd corgi) home.   We have to drive 3 hours to pick him up, so round trip we will be gone 7 - 8 hours.   We normally only leave Sophie in her kennel for 4 -5 hours at a time.  We really don't have anyone to watch her, so I am wondering if we should leave her at  home for the 7 - 8 hours or if we should take her along in our van.  She rides in a kennel.  Would that be appropriate to have  her and the puppy ride in the back of the van in their own crates?  I was going to introduce them in a neutral place (the school play field down the street from our house)  but now I don't know what to do about brining him home.  What are your opinions.


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I would take her with you. The breeder's home will be a neutral place for Sophie and the ride home with the puppy in a separate kennel will give her time to get used to the new scent.


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