I've noticed we are starting to get brown spots on our lawn and am wondering if anyone had any suggestions.  I checked out some natural products but before spending the money I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with natural products.  I've also read that giving your dog tomato juice or apple cider vinegar can help but not sure I want to do that. 

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There is a lot of nitrogen in urine, so you'll still get "fertilizer burn" even if you manage to change the PH.

The best thing to do is just dump a big bucket of water in the grass every time the dog pees. Or find a pee spot that isn't grassy.
I should add the water dilutes it enough to minimize the damage to the grass.

We just fill in the bad spots every spring and it usually regrows fine. I'm very wary of anything that claims to adjust a dog's natural ph, that doesn't even seem like it would be healthy.

TRY these http://dogrocks.org/ you plce them in the water bowl.

Aronna, thanks for the info!!!  I just ordered the rocks, hopefully they work.

Hi Becky:  I never found anything that worked so I simply leash up the three corgis and go elsewhere for pee-ing and poopies (I always clean up after them).  Twice a day...day in and day out.  Lots of extra work, yes, but it has saved my yard.  Someone did have a good idea - create a peeing space....  All the best from:  Nan, Bear, Tasha and Linus



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