His breeder told me he is supposed to be a black headed tri which is the color preference i prefer but ive noticed the color behind his ears are turning a slight red and some of the black on his face is losing its color. I was wondering if this is common or if hes going to be a red head? Hes already a family member forever but i was curious wheee this is going.

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Wow! What a beautiful little dog!

What a beauty! Good luck and blessings!  Our Abbey sends corgi smooches and hugs...:-)

I have a red/white and a fawn/white.  Max, the red/white has fur the same color all the way to the roots.  Only black he has is his eyeliner and a small black patch on his muzzle.  Katien my fawn/white, had black roots on fur on her head.  Just on her head, no where else.

He looks a lot like my Ringo, who just turned 1 on June 18th.  Ringo also has a little bit of red peeking out of the black on the back of his ears. 

Ringo is beautiful!!!!
He very much so looks like a black headed tri. if he was a red headed tri he would have way more red on his face and body.

Yup,looks like a BHT. Here's my RHT Nimue

Hi, Nimue!

It really depends, sometimes their colors really change when they get older, my guy lightened up a lot.


He's a red headed tri though, right? His ears are red. 

Charlie is 11 weeks old this weekend! He's gotten so big!

Its very possible the black on his face will disappear like it did on my pup, McCoy. The color will start fading around 5-7 months, which is when you will really notice the difference. So time will tell, But since your guys ears a tipped that black chances are it will stay black.

But yeah, McCoy is a red head tri. He's my chubby bubby, he's a year and half now, time flies!

Our black-headed tri has similar red markings.  It is my understanding that is typical of black-headed tri's.  That they do develop a lot of the typical Corgi red coloring in spots but basically are black and white.  I guess they do not normally have what would be typical to a Border Collie of just black and white.  That they most often do develop some red coloring as well.


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