We have tried everything to get Mollys weight down. Nothing helps. The vet has tested her and can find nothing wrong. She even sent us to a different vet. Nothing! Any one have something that has worked for them? Thanks.

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How much food does she get, and how many calories per cup is that food?

Lilly was a little on the heavy side, so I cut her food in half.  I also feed her twice a day.  She gets a half cup in the morning with a little yogurt and a half cup at night, although I put a sardine and some hot water in there for a treat.  I also make sure that they have at least 2 sessions of playtime a day.  I have 2 corgis, and they are really ball driven.  So, 2 sessions of Fetch a day, sometimes 3.  And sometimes a walk is thrown in there too.  I make sure to play with them at least 20 minutes.  They  are both panting pretty hard when we are done.  In the summer, I have a kiddie pool full of water, and do the fetch early morning or at night.  The exercise has really helped, more than the cutting down of the food. 

Without knowing her current diet (type of food, calories per cup, amount being fed, number/type of treats per day, etc.) it's hard to give much advice, unfortunately.  :(  Every dog has different requirements, too.  Some corgis can eat 1-2 cups of kibble per day and stay lean as can be.  Some, like Ellie, live on a more modest diet of 3/4 of a cup of kibble with veggies thrown in as filler when needed.  Again, though, it depends on what the dog is being fed.  

What is "everything" that you have tried? What food is she on, how much, does she get treats? How many? Any chew bones? What is her exercise routine? Does she get table scraps? Is only one person in charge of her feedings or multiple people? Do you have kids in the house or elderly people? Has her thyroid been tested and what was the result? Is she the only pet in the house? Where and how do you store food and where and how do you feed her? How many meals per day and how much per meal? Please give us more information.

Exactly!  My vet is frankly a little surprised when I say how little food my dogs get (one gets a cup a day, the other gets a little over two-thirds);  she says that's how much a Chihuahua eats!   Many pudgy Corgis are simply getting too much food.

If you feed treats, stop. If you really want to give her a treat then give her a carrot or piece of banana, apple etc.

Cut down her food portion in half and use vegies to bulk it up so she is full. Good vegies to use are pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato, zucchini etc. Either raw or cooked, grated or mashed, however she likes. Low fat natural yoghurt can be mixed through the veg to entice her to eat it if she turns her nose up at it.

All diet changes take a while to see the changes so stick with it for a few months and she will lose weight.

Gromit went on a diet of 1/3 cup of kibble and 1/3 cup of green beans twice a day.   He gets no more than two tiny biscuits a day.  Over the course of nearly a year he lost 8lbs.  I'm amazed at how little he actually needs to eat (as opposed to what he wants..).   We walk about a mile and a quarter a day and now that he's off his special diet he gets 2/3 of a cup of kibble twice a day.  The vet says he's now spot on with his weight at about 29lbs.


Try this site to help you determine how much to feed.  You'll need to look on your bag of food or go to their website to determine how many kcal/cup it has, and adjust the feeding size from there.

Seanna used to be 29# when she tore her ACL.  The vet kept telling me he wanted her at no more than 23#.  When I forked out $1500 for an ACL repair, I took him seriously.  Now I realize how fat she was, and feel bad I didn't do weight loss sooner.  I drastically cut her food portions- she gets only 1/4 cup of food twice a day.  We started slowly cutting down, until I found the amount that she can maintain her weight on.  It seems like such a small amount, but she does fine with it.  While I was cutting down, I'd put green beans or carrots in with it- not the canned.  If you get the canned pumpkin (not pie filler) that was her favorite.  We cut out pretty much all people food, and got Zuko's treats for special times.  They are low calorie and all natural.  She has consistently been 23# now for almost 3 years.

What I'd like to stress though, is that every dog is different.  I also have a male corgi that gets 1 cup of food twice a day, and is a consistent 20#.  And he is way more laid back than Seanna.  So you just have to find what works for your dog.  It very well may be the food you are feeding.  Seanna was on Wellness, and I always struggled to get her weight down.  When she had to be placed on Royal Canin S/O for urinary issues, the weight melted off like butter.  So just keep trying!  You can do it!

Just be advised that the dog food advisor guide still often tells you WAY more than you need to feed. For Franklin even if I select a weight that is 2 pounds less than he is and say he is overweight it tells me to feed more than twice what he is getting now (he is ideal weight and very active). He gets about 1/4 cup morning and night and a portion of that is frozen peas. He gets two small treats per day when I leave the house for work. He also gets a morning walk which consists of off leash running and about 1/2 hour of fetch time and a fetch session at night with a short walk. 

Corgis are a different beast than most dogs. They are "easy keepers" in the sense that you feed them air and they get fat. Keep that in mind when selecting how much to feed her. A lot of the "premium" diets, like Wellness, Orijen, Instict, etc are incredibly high calorie so will require MUCH less than other diets. If Franklin was on Wellness I'd likely only be able to feed him about 1/8 cup twice a day if that. 

One of the reasons I've stayed with Iams is that it's only about 350 calories/cup.   I don't want to have to give them just a quarter cup of kibble a day, as I've heard of some people doing who have Corgis and feed premium kibble.  

And there never was a dog & corgi specifically that doesn't think they are starving and that is what they keep telling you.

I give mine 1/3 C Premium Edge Lamb Plus 1/4 -1/2 cut of Chicken Soup for Dog Lovers Souls - Lite and it allows them to think they are getting a lot.  They get that twice a day and if they gain, the amount of Premium Edge goes down and Chicken Soup - Lite goes up.  They also get vegetables, apples & banana pieces as treats plus some rawhide.


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