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Nutty: You are very sleepy..... now bring me a cookie!
Cinny: Two Cookies!
He's right behind me, isn't he...?
Mom.... I keep telling ah, ah, ah, ch-you! Cinnamon makes me sneeze!!!
Working on that corgi mind trick: You want to bring us food.
Nutty: Really! It was disgusting, but before I could stop her down she went. Ugh, it is making my eyes water! Sniff, disgusting!

Cinny: Really! It was really cool, but before Nutty got to it, down I went. Oh, it was so beautiful it makes my eyes water. Sniff, beautiful!
Nutty: Now, it's your turn to run the agility course.

Cinny: Yes, we have adjusted the height of the hurdle and see if you can beat our time!
Cinny: Pull my toe again!
Nutty: Watch as I burn a hole in the refrigerator door with my laser vision. Then we will feast!
Cinny: Um...are you SURE you have laser vision?
Cinny: Would you look at that, is it real?
Nutty: No will not look, will not look!


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