I heard that puppies get car sick easily. I was wondering if there is anything I can do when I pick up my corgi to prevent car sickness if it happens. The drive home is going to be about 4 hours and I don't want him to feel bad the entire drive. Any comments on experience with this or tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Personally, I drove my corgi home when he was a puppy. Because he is now about six months but we picked him up from Dallas when he was two months old (4hours). I heard the same thing about puppies getting sick so I was really worried whenever I traveled I packed a lot of towels And toys and a couple of rawhides a little bit of food and water in a little bowl so he can drink out of and his bed. I have a SUV vehicle so I really just opened up the backseat to make him as comfortable as I could. Just let him lay where he wants and know he is going to be scared, that's hard to avoid. It's his First car ride so he's going to be scared because he's leaving his home and he's in a car for the first time. I know Ziggy was very uncomfortable but once we got home he was okay another thing that you should note is that you need to stop frequently so he can walk around for potty breaks just be careful because I know with Ziggy he would not go to the bathroom when we were outside and we left them in the car for one second alone that's when he went.

Thank you so much for your story. I will definitely remember the tips for the ride home :)

Chances are your pup will be fine. Even the few dogs I had that later developed car sickness did not exhibit this as young puppies.  The best way would be to be close to your puppy if someone else is driving. Often the crate will make them feel more upset. The long drive works in your favor as he'll have time to really get used to the car and bond with you.  If he is physically close to you, rather than in a crate,  you will be his security blanket! . Just make sure you stop in a quiet place midway and hopefully he'll potty... As for tips, smooth driving helps, which means ease into stopping and starting and take turns slowly. A bit of fresh air is also helpful, just as with people. Enjoy the experience ( and bring along a few paper towels, just in case :-D....)

I'm not going to have him in a crate. I was debating it but now I feel better that I choose not to use a crate. Thank you so much for the advice and I will definitely have paper towels handy!

I have to disagree with NOT using a crate...all of mine except for Wynn have gone in a crate and we have traveled up to 8+hours for some. It is good to have someone along so if you want to sit by the pup in the back seat...you can. Mine start their crate training the minute they are in my hands and love their crates...it's safer in case of a car accident too. I always request people bring a crate when they pick up one of my pups too. I have never had a pup get sick:)


Make sure you take a couple old towels/tshirts with the litter and parents scents on to use in the crate and the 1st few nights(I cut into small pieces(18X18) I think this really helps also.

Depending on how old your pup is and the vaccination record...I would stop as little as possible(not at all or once if you need to) don't pick a high dog traffic area either as if the pup isn't fully vaccinated it can pick something up...just an FYI.

@ Jane. From a safety point of view you are right, but I always felt the emotional comfort of the pup trumps the small risk of my being in an accident.... I guess I'm a softy.  When I was raising my children, car seats did not exist and they too survived,  I guess that dates me!  I love your idea of the t-shirt/towel with the scent of Mom or litter-mates and definitely don't stop at rest stops and high traffic dog areas.

@ Anna. I know the chances are slight to none. I still feel much safer with my adults in crates too. Yes... we didn't  have car seats when my son was born and when my daughter was they were basically infant seats you buckled in and I don't think they faced backwards. We also didn't travel like people do nowadays...

I like that idea too with the towels/shirts. I'm not going to be the one driving. I agree with the safety factor and I am going to bring like a dog car seat so if he wants to sleep but I don't think I want him to be closed in in the crate. 

I just got Fergus a few months ago and he is a dream in the car -- no trouble.  Actually we just took the boys ( mom's Angus came too)  at 4months old camping -- out in the wilderness god did they love it and thats a 4 hour drive.  We just stop alot and let them really get out and enjoy themselves when they wanted.   We also take them where we go ...... never left alone to their own devices.  at 3 months old Fergus devoured the entire sunday paper and he was only in the car alone for 2 min while I got the mail LOL So just drive and watch them cause each dog is different and Good LUCK!!!

thanks for the advice!


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