I always look for corgis and they rarely show pics, but they had one this year! Anyone that anyone knows?


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The brindle that won best of breed is Pilot from C-Myste, I believe they are in Oregon. He is such a gorgeous dog.

oh, he is just lovely!!! How gorgeous!

DVRd the herding group last night, and just watched the corgi judging online.  Does anyone know why there are rarely any BHTs in the show?  Are there not as many up to breed standards, or are they just not popular enough to make it?

Last night, I had to go to bed early.  And I am in bed and hear Jeremy say "Scout! You're on TV!"  The announcers were going over breed standards and showing dog face shape... The dog they used to demonstrate this was none other than a corgi (pem).  Anyway, thought it was cute how he called us into the room when there was a corgi on TV.

BHTs are (sadly) a recessive color. RW is dominant. RHTs are only a little more common than BHTs.

I didn't know the Cardi but I knew the Pem!

Dino and I like it

Baron approves.


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