Another question about ears. I have a cardigan corgi that is almost 6 months old. When we got him at 8 weeks one of his ears was beginning to go up, and eventually did by 9/10 weeks. However when he got his rabies jab at 12 weeks it flopped down again a couple of days later, then his other ear went up, since about 14/15 weeks his other ear had been up, but last week it flopped. So now we have a floppy eared corgi and don't really know why. Could it be to do with teething? We have found lots of teeth around our flat, and his adult teeth are coming in, so I thought maybe teething could be causing it. As he is almost 6 months I'm a bit worried that his ears are down for good. Should I just tape them or wait to see if they go back up on their own?

Sorry for asking questions about ears, I looked through other posts about ears and couldn't find something so similar to our situation. Are corgi currently looks like a short legged collie...

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I would definitely tape them.

You might want to think about supplimenting you pups food with yogurt, prehaps a tablespoon in the morning and evening.  With the teething he could likely use the additional calcium.  If you are more comfortable you can slighly tape for support. 

I've heard that teething can cause them to flop.  One of Seanna's ears is floppier than the other, but they both stand.  You can only notice it when she's running.  (Which is all the time).  Others here can give you more guidance.

Ooh, yeah, I absolutely would be taping them if I were you. We got Ace at 4 months and for a good three weeks solid, there was one ear that just refused to stay up. It finally relented and stayed up after extensive yogurt supplements to his diet, and religious taping. Even when you're changing the tape out, keep him in a position where his ear will stay "up" (on the back usually works well). Do not let that thing flop over for a SECOND!

Is that just with Cardis or Pemis as well?  One day we may add a Cardi and I want to learn as much as possible.

I think in general cardis need their ears taped more often than pems, mainly just because their ears are often bigger. I've seen people battle cardi ears until the dog is almost a year old, but that's usually rare. In my opinion the earlier you tape them the better, once they've been in that folded position a long time it is harder to get them up. I taped Luke's at like 9-10 weeks and I only had to do it twice for 2-3 days each.

Yeah, like Jane says, Cardis tend to need ear taping more extensively than Pems. I think that not only the former's ears are bigger, but the ear leather itself is thicker and heavier. I compared what I know of Ace's ear leather to some Pem ears, and there's definitely a noticeable difference in thickness.

Thanks for all the advice, we will be taping his ears tonight. I just hope he doesn't fight it as much as last time we did it as we really want his ears up :)

If you have a helper, have them keep him on his back while occupying his mouth with a smelly treat - a bit of soft cheese or peanut butter works best - and then go to work on their ears. Ace was a very cooperative puppy wrt being taped, but he would sometimes have difficult days. That's when the cheese came in handy. :)  

The linkn shows more about ear taping than you'd ever want to know.  My 7 week old corgi, dipper, arrived today.  He has one flopping ear; breeder said yesterday, it was the other ear that was flopping, and that in a week it should resolve.  But I definitely am going to monitor this.  I think I'd have a vet do the taping.  

Greg N

This is the tutorial I used: 

I only used masking tape though. The blue painters tape wasn't sticky enough and duct tape was a little scary, lol.


Unless your vet owns or breeds corgis this isn't something you would want to take them to the vet for IMO. I doubt most vets have any clue on the proper way to tape a corgi's ears, or the proper ear carriage for each breed.

That is ear taping for a sheltie...where you want the ears to be folded down.  Ear taping is pretty easy for a corgi, you are just using tape to brace the ears up a little.


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