My male cardigan corgi Wilf has now reached a year old and ive been considering having him castrated . I would like to ask other members their opinions on this. I am not considering mateing Wilf so thats not a problem. There is no dominence problem either as he is an only dog in the family. What are the fors and against?

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If you catrate him, Wilf won't run off to find a nearby female when's she in heat. He'll also be able to focus when there's a female in heat nearby, so he'll be less anxious and happier. We had this problem with our boys, they were just soo one-track-minded and soo sad if they knew there was a female in heat anywhere nearby. They couldn't enjoy every day things during those times.

Neutering also decreases chances of testicular and prostrate cancers, tumors, and hernias. Which we all know would wind up being expensive treatment to save your Wilf, which you would if he came down with any of those. For medical reasons, they say to do it before 4 years old. But for the attention span/ overall happiness reason, do it ASAP.
All the reasons Sunni cited and more; first and foremost is his health; it can help with "marking" issues, even if he is housebroke; while you may not plan to mate him he may have other plans for himself, thus potentially creating a litter of unplanned puppies, even if you say he's never out of your sight - there's always that potential. Additionally, if you would happen to add another Corgi to your family it can help eliminate conflict. Four of my five dogs are males and all are neutered. My female Corgi is spayed as well. I've done enough work at our local animal shelter that I know it's just the right thing to do!
He's a very handsome Cardi.
Visit your local animal shelter or pull up and you will know the reason to have him fixed. There is no reason to take the chance of adding more to the population.
After considering all the points put across i have decided to have Wilf done. I booked him in today to loose his bits on tues 26th so i will keep you posted. Thanks for your comments


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