I brought home Kirby about a month ago and I have one 8 year old cat, Pumpkin. Pumpkin is a pretty laid back kitty, but the two don't love each other yet,and may never really be buddie, but they tolerate each other pretty well. Pumpkin has no claws, so when she boxes his ears if he lunges at her it doesn't really make that much of an impression on him. He really just wants to play and she just doesn't want to. I know for sure he's not being aggressive. They would get along great if she didn't hiss at him, which gets him started. Alot of times he'll go up to her and just sniff her nose and she'll hit him. Other times she won't. I know she is mistaking his playfulness for being aggressive, but does anyone have any tips on getting them to get along better? I would love to have her be able to walk past him when he isn't asleep and not be chased. I don't let him chase her if I can stop him because I don't want that to become a habit. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I just kind of trusted that my cats would put my puppy in line, and eventually they did. She walks on eggshells around them and when she gets playful and friskes around them they give her an instructive swat. Then again, I never hoped for them to get along, I just hoped for acceptance, and at the moment, that's going pretty well. I think if they start out as puppies and you keep them from chasing, then they learn through trial and error that the cat is quicker, cleverer, and stronger (while they're puppies, i think that idea still lingers in my 1 year old pup's mind) than they are.
My cat and my dog aren't exactly the best of buddies.. they can coexist and sit together on a bed, but if he gets his face too close to her, she'll swat him and miss. Since Ein knows that he shouldn't get too close, he'll sniff her tail, then back off really quickly.
Yeah, I see these pictures sometimes on the internet or whatnot of a dog and cat sleeping all snuggled up together....that hasn't happened at my house yet and I'm thinking it isn't going to. Our cat is around 9 or 10 and he's declawed too (he was like that when we got him). Grover chases him if I don't keep a close eye out. I just wish they got along better. Sometimes they can lay on the bed and be fine or sit on the couch on either side of me, but not too often.
It is certainly a love-hate thing though because even though Melvin The Cat acts like he HATES Grove most of the time, when Grover is sleeping or just laying calmly, Melvin will groom him! Lick his ears and head. Grover hates it, but he puts up with it! Crazy animals!!
I have two cats and they both have claws, when my Riley was alive, Sadie my white and grey cat rubbed on him and was all sweet but my other cat Kira spit at him and hissed, this caused him to chase her and that was not good. I never got to see if things would get better because we lost Riley but one day next year I hope to get a puppy and I hope Kira will calm down and get along with it. Let me know if you find anything that helps because I will need to try it too.
We have 4 cats and 3 dogs. All their personalities are different. 1 cat gets along with all the dogs (even walks with us), 1 cat loves our Aussie only, but tolerates the other dogs if he wants. One cat hates everyone. And the cat that seems to be afraid of everything, gets chased. We sit on the floor and pet the cat and keeping the corgi puppy by our side. As long as the puppy is being polite, we comend him. If the puppy starts to want to jump and play, we make him sit. This process last a few mins. Then we stand up, and they both walk away content. Patience. I believe that is what it is all about. Not the hokey pokey. Funny, I think the body language of a cat really throws a dog off if he doesn't know cats to begin with. It's the way the tail sticks straight up in the air. In the dog world that means "danger, I might bite". We have a cat wtih a dead tail that lays down and all dogs love that cat. He also loves dogs. He rubs on them. Don't worry your babies will find their own pack order.
Yeah, I wouldn't have four cats if it weren't for my 24 year old daughter. Everytime she moves out and comes back, she brings another cat. I refuse to let her move out again! The good news is.. she pays for half the food and takes financial care of them. I have cat and dog doors so I have no litter box either. I am not a fan of the litter box. Two of those lovely cats are mine. I haven't ever had a rodent problem. They work the night shift and extinguish the varmits that come from the fields. I would rather have cats than rats.
Wow your house sounds like mine. I have 1 corgi and 7 cats. (I foster and they usually end up staying lol). I find the same thing with their personalities. I have 1 cat that hates everyone and now my corgi Boomer hates him. He has gone after her in the past so now she tries to attack him.. we can't leave the 2 of them alone for a minute. 1 cat is scared of everything so therefore Boomer likes to terrorize her. Then there are 2 kittens that let Boomer poke them with her nose bite their tails and seem to actually like it. Oh then there is my 1 cat that is a pushover and Boomer will climb on top of him and try to bite his neck. The cat is so mild mannered that he tries to get away but doesn't defend himself.. so Boomer hasn't learned to stop. Can't leave those 2 alone either. lol
I have a dog and a cat. They don't really get along yet, but it' is slowly getting there. My kitty, Sesame, is about 3 years old. She wasn't socialized properly when i got her so she has trust issues and is a scaredy cat. It took me almost a year to gain her complete trust, so i don't expect them to be friendly until much later. Bandit, our corgi, is only 15 weeks old, and everything to him is a toy, including the cat. Bandit really does act like a bandit and he would steal Sesame's food and toys. She does get upset but one thing that amazes me though is that Sesame knows that Bandit is only a baby and would never have her claws out when she disciplines him. I love that about my cat. =)
I figured 2 cats could handle 1 corgi. He's been swatted and all he does back up and barks, then goes back for more.
Jack, the 15lb. tomcat, is so cool that he had Al the puppy all figured out within a couple weeks. Within a few months of Al's arrival, I saw Jack on his back on the floor, Al's open jaws around his throat, with Jack's paw on Al's face. Jack could've ripped out the puppy's eye in a blink if he'd wanted to, but he never opened a claw. Maybe once I heard a yelp when Jack had to put the puppy in his place, but there's been no trouble between the cat and the corgis. And this cat is no wimp. They play some ambush and boxing games.
I too worry more about my dog then I do about the cat. My cat is very aggressive and can get nasty and I worry about him clawing Boomer's eyes. Someday I am going to get Boomer some protective goggles and set her free to get her revenge on my cat. lol Maybe then he'll stop trying to attack her.
I have the same situation happening with my mothers cat frankie and my corgi wyatt. frankie has his claws and pretends to tolerate wyatt and then all of the sudden frankie just comes out of no where and hits wyatt in the face, wyatt alot of the times back away and just barks but the other day i could tell he was mad. its so strange one second they are rolling over in front of each other and than that cat just turns into dr. jeckyle mr hyde.
good luck


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