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Riley RIP April 25, 2008 to September 27,2008 This is my page dedicated to my baby!

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About Me:
I am a real estate saleswoman. I love animals and wish I could work with them but I can't afford it. I also have to cats Kira and Sadie.

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About My Corgi(s):
I WAS 8 AND A HALF years old and full of life! I can speak spanish and do too many tricks to count! I am very smart and talented and will do anything for food! I like to run and chase balls. I also chase squirrels, cats, and birds. I didn't make the cancer battle my owners are waiting to see why because everything happens for a reason. Please keep me in your prayers I need them! Love Riley. Riley april 25 2000 to sept 27 2008

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Sir Riley of Pembroke's Blog

Oh Riley

Posted on April 25, 2009 at 1:50pm 8 Comments

Today would have been Riley's 9th birthday! I hope he is doing good in doggie heaven. At least he is up there keeping my grandma company. I am still sad and really miss him but Koby is helping mend my heart. A dog really is a best friend,,,, Enjoy every moment you have together!!!

The New addition

Posted on January 27, 2009 at 9:37pm 14 Comments

Check out the new little guy I will be getting in Feb! Unless I change my mind and pick one of his brother's this is the little man Koby. I really doubt I will change my mind but it feels safer to know that since I had to leave a deposit. I am more of the hands on personality type. He is such a cutie! I am excited! My parents got a german shepherd puppy, Korie and she is a lot of work so I can see that I am going to have a lot of responsibility coming up. Kittens are not hard to raise compared… Continue

Merry Christmas to all that Celebrate it! And Happy New Year! Hopefully mine will bring joy instead of sadness like this past year. Again thanks everyone for being there for me! Happy holidays!

Posted on December 24, 2008 at 6:56pm 11 Comments

Merry Christmas to all that Celebrate it! And Happy New Year!

Hopefully mine will bring joy instead of sadness like this past year. Again thanks everyone for being there for me! Happy holidays! Continue

Cancer awarness

Posted on December 10, 2008 at 6:54pm 3 Comments

Hey as most of you know my beloved Riley died of cancer. So to me it is so important to be aware and also to help research a cure. I have found a great website dedicated to finding cures for cancer and when you donate for every $ they send you a bracelet you can pass around to let others know or keep for yourself. So if anyone is interested the website is

Just as in people, early detection is critical. That's why it's so important… Continue

Riley necklace finally came in

Posted on November 21, 2008 at 9:26pm 9 Comments

I got my Riley necklace about a week ago and finally here is a photo of it. Of course it doesn't capture its true beauty but it came out great and I am more comforted to be able to look down and still see him there with me.

There are so many things I miss like the sound of his bark, feeling his soft fur, and watching him roll over and surrender to me when he did something bad, like chew my ink pen. A funny memory I remembered the other… Continue

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At 5:52pm on September 24, 2009, penny spencer said…
Hi. How is Coby? Having fun with him? Don't get on site much anymore.
Bazel was attacked by 3 great danes last month. They ripped him apart and he had 3 surgeries. Is okay now, with lots of "battle scars". Now he needs knee replacement surgery! Roscoe is the same. Celebrated his 3rd birthday this week! Penny is declining in health but still snappish with Bazel. Take care. Penny, Roscoe, Princess Penny, and Bazel
At 9:29pm on May 1, 2009, Lauren + Winston said…
haha aww. i think winston would do anything for food too... he was hiding under a bed today during a thunderstorm and came out to eat dinner!!
At 7:18pm on May 1, 2009, Geri & Sidney said…
Hi Jamie!
Sidney is crazy as ever. He's being trained as a therapy dog now!
Bruce had great results on his most recent bloodwork. The special diet seems to be helping. He's slow in the mornings but has great energy in the afternoons. His favorite pastime is mouthing off at Sidney.
At 4:03pm on April 28, 2009, penny spencer said…
I'm sure Koby will be fine after surgery. Maybe a little wimpy. Wish we could have Roscoe neutered. Think that's another reason he pees so much besides the medication/condition. Don't think anesthesia would be very good for him.
Koby will be happier, believe me. Not all those testosterone urges, you know?
Ha, poor guy. Bet you're having fun. Take care. Penny
At 2:20pm on March 29, 2009, penny spencer said…
I would LOVE to see many corgis in a a bunch of little sausages, ha! We've decided to start Bazel on a weight loss dog food. The lbs are not coming off like we'd prefer. He's having some trouble with back left knee, possibly arthritis beginning early. Need to get that weight off to help him. Take care.
At 5:23pm on March 17, 2009, penny spencer said…
I sure do know what you mean about getting "presents"!!! Wiping up pee and disinfecting and using every different kind of hard floor surface cleaning product, steamer, you name it I've tried it! And paper towels!!! And I'm very recycle conscious too!!! Roscoe will lay out his little poops in a row, yesterday the little "arrangement" looked like a face!!! I gotta laugh or I'll lose it some days!!! Take care and thanks for keeping in touch. Love to little Coby. Pam
At 9:29pm on February 28, 2009, Gail's Lil' Gizmo said…
hi there.. did you get your new baby? everyone here is great. yogi and gizmo have become great playmates.. they are hysterical. hope all is well with you. love, gail, giz and yogi.
At 9:53pm on February 6, 2009, Gail's Lil' Gizmo said…
Hi there!! yogi is all better now.. get he got into something. Did you get the baby yet? I want to see some pictures!! Tara said when she took Yogi to the vet (he is 7 months old) he weighed 20 lbs. He is getting to be a big boy. Very active.. and very smart.. he will be coming to grandma's (my house) tomorrow for a family dinner. Gizmo groans when he comes.. although they play.. jGizmo is not as active as him.. and you can see it in his face.. (oh no.. the little brat is here) LOL they are hysterical.. love, gail, giz & yogi.
At 6:34pm on February 3, 2009, Carmen said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes. Pandora had a good day. No candles though. It would be too much of a worry for burnt noses! :) We used to put a candle on Courtney's birthday "cake." She always wanted to dig in and had to wait because of the candles.
At 9:24pm on February 1, 2009, Megan and Penelope said…
Thanks! You know I wasn't sure that I wanted a tri-color for a while, but the breeder had two tri color girls available. She said she'd send the pics and I fell in love with Penelope when I saw her. They change so much from the time they are born. I think red and whites are so cute, but tris are so different and fun!

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