Hi, everyone! So, Moses and I are on the lookout for an addition to our little corgi family. He was on the phone with a representative from our local corgi rescue and she told him that chasing after your corgi (which Camber LOVES) is a normal corgi-type behavior. She may chase after you, but it's only to herd you to where she wants you to be and then she expects you to run after her.

Anyone else out there that has a fur baby who enjoys being chased?

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We chase Ein all the time! After we chase him for a bit, he usually goes into his frap mode and hilarity ensues.
Yes, Lance lovesssss a good game of chase!! He will come to us and let us know he wants to play chase!
We play chase in the back yard.. we take turns, though my Ein seems to enjoy it more when I go at him then him going after me, and ya know.. its usually during our early afternoon FRAP sessions when we go outside so we don't wake daddy up with our antics.
Chase is a blessing, and a curse in my backyard! Nutmeg LOVES to be chased. Too much! Just this weekend she actually stopped when I told her to. I cried! After she does her business, I will praise her, and she got in the habit of jumping up in enjoyment and was nipping at my hand. OUCH! Then she would take off running in a circle for me to chase her. This is great for excercise, but not so great when it's raining, or American Idol is on (lol). Not sure what we will do in a month or so when I get the yard re-sodded....yikes!
I know! she makes me mad all the times when she does that! I had to talk to the leasing office and it was too late for me to go cause it took me an hour to chase Superstar...I have been moving and I dont know where is that darn collar! Nutmeg reminds me of Superstar! Like sisters, duh!
When I decide it's time to come in, I try and remain "calm and assertive" (lol). For example, I will let her out and she does her stuff, then she fraps for a minute. When I decide it's time to come in is when the issues start. After her private lesson last week, she has really become much better with this. I will walk up to her, not try to catch or touch her, and just stand there and say firmly- "Nutmeg, STOP". She has started to just look up at me, and then lay down at my feet. YAY!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! MIRACLE! When she gets near the door, and I can tell she might want to come in, I will open the door and say "Let's go". Most of the time she will run half way in the door, and I have to coax her the rest of the way. This is huge progress from me running in circle for 20 minutes yelling at her. I'm very pleased!
Chasing Camber around is fun, but she is getting more brazen going further from the perimeter of our house than I would like. I think it's due to the snow. Also, it's icy out and chasing her is not so easy. The only time she ever barks is when I hide instead of chasing her or call her in before she's done her business. She is like "hey, you're suppose to run after me or I am not done yet". I shoveled out a course in our back yard which looks like a toboggan course. It's such a hoot watching barrel down the course.
She likes us to chase her, yes.... but we try not to. If she gets out, I don't want her to think it's a game if I come after her quickly. But she chases my husband around the backyard or in the house all the time! She's pretty fast for having such little legs!
Oh yes! Brody loves to chase me and be chased. We have the best time running after each other.
Al immensely enjoys the misbehavior of refusing to come into the house sometimes. I think he just enjoys staying out (the yard is fenced), but he obviously enjoys this naughty game. He knows I can't catch him, and he loves being chased and evading me. I do not indulge this because it reinforces the misbehavior and I get plenty of humiliation in life anyway. :)
I can tell by his face that he's just laughing, laughing at me.
Your dog is disgustingly cute!
Our 7 month old Caden loves to be chased.... by us and other dogs. No back yard, so most of the chasing occurs around the ottoman in our living room. But he MUST have something in his mouth during the chase, which is cute, but not always a good thing. If he does get something in his mouth that he isn't suppose to, like my shoe, I have him chase me and ask him to drop it, which works about 99% of the time. Even if he has a toy in his mouth, we still practice, stop & drop it. When we are outside and around other dogs. he's like.... "hey other dog, i have a stick in my mouth, chase me, chase me!" One time he grabbed a dog's leash and started running off and took him for a ride... oh boy. Thank goodness he responded to the stop and drop it, cause I don't know what we would have done, thankfully the other dog owner thought it was hilarious. ~Cindy
My Paddy does the same thing. He wants to be chased by either humans or other dogs and then he returns the favor by chasing after his human or doggie playmates.


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