What do you guys do with your corgi when it's cold? I love taking Ion out on fun adventures, but some days it's just too cold! Any suggestions? 

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Ooo.. this is a hard one. We usually only stay inside on cold days because we wore out the dogs too much from the day before lol.

If we absolutely have to.. I pull out the laser pointer... play tug tug.. play fetch down the hall and up the stairs.. umm do training time.. snuggle on the couch. nothing too special. Maybe share my popcorn hehe :)
Take him to a pet store to walk and check out the goodies? Play ball in the house or some chasing game to get him exercise.
We walk in all weather except heavy rain. For indoor games, Jack loves to play "soccer" with a medium-sized ball (maybe 6 or 8 inches across) up and down our hallway. He also likes chasing tennis balls inside.

Maddie won't play too much inside. She'll only chase a ball a couple times, but outside she'll go for hours.

If money isn't an obstacle, you can always see if there are any indoor agility or rally courses around.
Oops, just checked your profile! He's a little young for agility or rally! But basic obedience classes can be fun.
We take him on walks and to the park, I just wish it was warm enough for camping, hikes, and trips to the beach! But I guess I just have to wait a few more months! We were thinking of bundling up and taking him to the beach this Friday anyway, despite the chill.

We play tug and fetch with him inside, but we really need to get him some tennis balls and a soccer ball. Mostly now when he's stuck inside and we're cooking or something he entertains himself by terrorizing the cats.

And we just signed up for an advanced training class! It's starts next week! Ion loves his training courses.
Thanks for all the ideas! I just wish there were indoor parks or something. Even though Ion's coat protects him on even the coldest days, it's us that suffer!
Yeah, I have a dream of opening an indoor dog park with an attached cafe so the owners can all sit around with their dogs when they are done playing and have a nice coffee. :) I know how you feel; we don't get to do many fun things in winter either, but we do live near a park so if the ground is frozen we can take some interesting walks. Now it's all mud, though, and probably will be til May. That's worse than the cold. We'll be walking through the neighborhoods instead, which is boring for us and for the dogs.
Your indoor dog park sounds fantastic! I would totally drive down to Pennsylvania for that! :)
That would be a great idea! I know some cafes and restaurant that cater to humans and their pets (have separate kitchens so there's no cross contamination) but none with a dog park attached to it and they're rare to find :) which amazes me in areas like this where so many people have and love their pets.
A kennel here does have an indoor/outdoor playgroup. Nice when it rains, but only one hour per week. We have (ahem) "the biggest indoor waterparks in the country." So why not dog parks?


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