I want to know what you think my pup is. Do you think Nevaeh will be a red or black headed corgi? She is 4 weeks old in this pic. If you could share your thoughts that would be great. She is my profile picture.

Thank you 


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Lauren, when I got ABBEY, she was black and white only; that was at 8 weeks.  Now she is a little over 6 months old and she has gotten some red also...it just came on her face and her back legs.  I don't know what your pup will be, but the colors tend to change as they age.  I really don't know if ABBEY is a true tri or not.  No matter she is my heart!  Good luck with your puppy.  below  is a recent pic of ABBEY

Abbey is a red-headed tri and may get more red on her as she ages.

Thank You, Beth, I did not know ABBEY was a red-headed tri.  I have little  knowledge about corgis as ABBEY is our first.

My boy , Zubi, had a completely black head at 8 weeks. As he has aged, he has gotten redder and redder. He is now eleven and you can see his whole head is red now, and his muzzle was red and is now white. In any case , your pup is a beauty now and forever.

Have you seen him in person?  If you look at their ears and they are edged in black then usually they will be a black headed.  Here is a picture of my sophie so you can see what I mean about the black around the edge of the ear. One is when she was 9 weeks and the other when she is full grown.  Her sisters in the litter didnt have any of the black tips and edge, and they are red heads now as adults

Can't tell from the picture.  As someone mentioned, what I've heard is that if the inside edges of the ears are black, the pup will stay a BHT.  If the inside edges of the ear are red, the pup will be a RHT.

Thank you all for the reply. I haven't seen her in person yet she is still with her breeder right now we are over four hours away.

I don't care what she turns into she is a beautiful puppy. I just found this page and look forward to all the help and ideas. Nevaeh will be my first corgi.

As other's have said, look at the inside of the ears. Black headed tri's will have black edging on their ears. You can tell even when they are puppies. 

Black headed Tri (franklin)

Red headed tri puppy (Frank's sister)

I have had a read headed and currently have a black headed. I think that yours appears to be a red headed tri, but it is difficult to determine without more pictures. The ears can be a clue, should have very defined black edges... but also the black is usually more defined from the brown on the actual face with BHT than your appears to be... Which is what makes me believe yours is red.
Either way, welcome to life with a corgi! You will never be the same! lol
I have a red and white, a sable and white, and a black headed tri... The three loves of my Life!

I am just so excited about getting her!!!! I just lost our 12 year old pom to cancer about 3 months ago. I have wanted a corgi for about 8 years now. All I cared about was her health and think i have done what i could to make sure she will be a healthy baby. I will post more pics when i get her.;) I love this site have already learned a lot about the breed.

We can't wait to see more pictures when she comes home to you, and congrats on your new puppy! I swear, if I didn't have this pesky thing called 'work' to do 40 hours a week... and would finally win the lottery... I would have a house FULL of corgis! There's also that pesky 'city ordinance' that only allows 3 dogs... ;)


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