Herky has been having problems with allergies and "eating" his feet. He is on a second round of meds so hopefully this will help. I've also had to resort to using the cone. He is sooo sad. I'm sure he will get used to it (?!?) but right now he came and sat on my foot and won't even look at me.

In the other pic I had to put my arm thru the back of the chair and stretch around to get a look at his face.... 

So anyway, he seems to have a hard time walking as the cone scrapes the ground. Is this because he isn't lifting his head and he will figure it out? Surely it can't be because of his short little legs :-)

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@Beth - well done. we found we didn't need the cone on walks. But, each dog is different. we also removed the collar when RR needed to eat or drink. Oh, the cone of shame. We were so very happy when we got the ok from the vet to remove it! We used the Comfy Cone. Sorry, I don't know why photos are sideways. I tried to edit and correct, but wasn't able to fix.  

Can't straighten this photo. Any suggestions?

You mean your table isn't on the wall?  I would turn it around in my photo editing software and save it with a different name, then post it. I don't think you can straighten it on this site. How is the Rafenator doing? When Snickers and Jack Spaniels decide to play I have to distract them. I send them to their "place" for a treat, or take Snick outside for a potty break (really short ones in this heat!!!). I don't want them to think playing is bad. I am taking Snickers for a 10 minute walk in the AM, but its too hot in the PM for now. When it cools off I'll try to do two walks a day. We are supposed to step it up  another 5 minutes a week until we are past what I can do. LOL.

This heat is awful. I'm sitting outside in the shade w/ RR tethered to my chair w/ his 6' lead. It's hot in the shade. But, he's happy. He's had such cabin fever the last few days. I can't wait for this heat to end. He needs to be walking more. It's just too hot for me. Jack's been at a conference for 2 days. He's like a lizard. He's the one that walks them twice a day no matter the weather.

I'm worried that I'm teaching them that play is not a good thing. Don't know how to avoid it and keep them from playing. I am sure the minute I don't stop them, they'll be right at it in a nano second. They're both biting at the bit to play...

I am sure that Lucy would be an easier patient that RR!  Boys, haha!  ;)

Wendy, since it was Jack's eye that was being protected, we didn't feel safe leaving it off while he was outside.  We were afraid he'd rub it against something.   If it were stitches he would have been fine.

@ Beth - You're absolutely right re. choice of cone as it relates to need. The soft cone wouldn't work in your situation.

How's Jack's eye? Hope it's healing well. Keep us posted.


Wendy, he's all better and the cone is off.  :)   We are all very relieved.

the vet didn't think the soft cone would work. herky gets pretty riled up and would probably end up ripping it up

My first corgi had food and flea allergies and would chew himself until he bled. I used a cone for years until I found the right food for his allergies(Wysong) and discovered Advantage for the fleas(thank goodness it was as managable as that and nothing worse). Chewing and licking his feet was more of a nervous habit, and I never could stop him completely, I think he actually liked bitter apple or anything like that, the one thing I found that would stop him when he got bad was Benadryl Gel, It probably wasn't the best thing in the world for him, but it would break the cycle of his obsessive chewing. Good Luck, allergies are so frustrating to deal with, and having an uncomfortable baby is tough.



Another thing you might consider is switching to a RAW diet.  I've found that many dogs with extreme allergies do very well on RAW.  Also consider a plunge bucket at your door and an extra towel.  Clean your corgis feet prior to coming in the house.  They can have contact allergies with grasses and the plunge bucket did the trick.


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