Well, it is moving day in Quebec which means thousands of pets loose their home. Ughh drives me nuts. One of the members on this site messaged me today about a corgi they just found out was loosing its home. She is sisters with their dog Penny! Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She was born on Nov 21st 2008 so is not even 2 yet. She is beautiful as well! I dont know much info on her but if anyone is interested just message me and I will pass the info on.

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Oh what a beauty! Hope she finds a good home through someone on here!
ppst.. what's moving day?

And what a beautiful puppers! I hope she finds a home :( I'll pass along a msg.
I was going to ask the exact same question!
This is the most insane thing I have ever read about! 4% of the population of Quebec moving on the same day!?! That's madness!!

Here in Alberta we always knew francophone’s were nuts, but this takes the cake, lol.
I live in Quebec btw..lol
I had gathered as much - just some playful Prairie ribbing. :)
It is ok... I am actually not franco... but my boyfriend is...and they are a little nuts :)
Oh wow that's amazing! I can't imagine trying to find an ideal place before moving since everything is probably scooped up really fast! Wow! and I thought finding a place right now was a headache! :)
Yeah it is a pain but everyone moves so lots of good places. However the heartless people just discard their pets like an old couch in this province. I wish landlords would not be so strict with animals and I wish people would not just use it as an excuse to get rid of their pet. I also wish people would stop buying from petstores here...I think in montreal and surrounding areas right now there are 23,000 cats in shelters...and thats only the ones on petfinder. It is so disgusting. Anyways we got our Mickey from someone who dumped (no other way to put it, sorry!) him when they had to move .... OUR GAIN :) They totally missed out.

Anyways I just found out she will be free to a good home as long as its a good home. Hopefully her next home will be her last. I would take her in and foster her now if I didnt have a foster corgi at the moment along with my other 2...four would be too many!

So who wants this little beauty??? :)
If I lived closer I would foster her till a good home was found. Would be good for Roxi to have another girl around lol (All her dog friends but ONE is male!)

That's so sad :( My friend got her dog pretty much the same way. Her run in VT went by a house where she always saw the dog tied up to the side of the house. One day a for sale sign went up and she asked where the owners went and the neighbors basically told her they were gone.

So she untied the dog - took it home and that was that. Gave her info the neighbors just in case.. never heard anything about it.


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