thats right=), i have found collars that have corgis (some cardigans) on them and i thought they were too cute so i had to share:


the white collar with the hearts on it also comes in a peachy pink but i couldnt get the link for it and i thought the corgi tag was pretty neat too

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That "Corgi Love" collar is so cute!  I almost wish I had seen it before ordering this one for our soon-to-be new pup.  How cute it would have been to have her wearing a corgi collar.  :D
That koi collar is cute! Those are great links. I really like the "Obedience School Dropout" collar. The "Therapy Dog" one is cute too. It looks like the woman also does custom collars with your own pictures and text. Pretty awesome!
that is pretty neat:) i like the drop out one also, too cute!
that would be so cute!
These are so great! I love the "Corgi Love" one as well...thanks for sharing!
your welcome:) i was bored and when i found them they were too good to keep to my self haha
Great finds!!  Im impressed not only did you find pembroke but cardigan, and blue merle on top of it!!!
thats what i thought! haha i didnt think they even made corgi collars let alone a cardigan
awesome! I've been wanting a corgi ID tag to put on my stethoscope so I just had to order one! So cheap compared to other places I've looked!

glad u got the tag u wanted:)


OMGoodness gracious, thank you so much for sharing, I have to have one of everything!!!!!!!  That stuff is so addictive!
haha i agree! i really want the green and yellow corgi collars. they are just too cute. since we all have a corgi addiction i knew u would like them:)


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