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I got to lookin' at Tuck and Zoey in their crates the other day and decided it was time to shop for some new real estate. The dogs crate at night and while I'm at work, so unfortunately during the week they spend a lot of time crated. My fiancé and I were working opposite hours (so the dogs could be out more), but he was recently promoted and his schedule changed. Tucker tears up stuff and Zoey climbs like a goat when left out, so crating is safer for everyone. They crate well and have never complained, but I'd like for them to be able to stretch out a little more.

I started out with a 28" plastic crate when Tucker was a pup and stuck with it. When I moved, I left one at my parents and bought another one for the house. When we adopted Zoey, I just went and picked up Tucker's old one. Long story short, I have two matching 28" plastic crates. Tucker just jams himself up in the back, but Zoey likes to stretch out.

I just ordered one 36" wire crate to try out. I went with wire, because I'd like to turn it sideways and use the side door. That way, it doesn't stick way out so far into the room. I'm worried about it not being "cavey" like they're used to. Does anyone use covers on theirs?

Can I get some pictures of your Corgis in their crates and what size your crate and Corgi are? Thanks!

^ Tucker and Zoey loaded up in the car for a road trip to Galveston. 

^ Tucker hanging out.. he doesn't usually sleep like this, but I thought it was cute. Zoey likes to sleep like this, but I can't find a picture.

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I don't have pictures of Kirby sleeping in his crate but it looks to be a similar size for him as yours is for your dogs.  I was told by members on here to get him a bigger one. He now has one made for a large dog in a Medium so I got a large but as it is now he prefers the medium when he is free to choose. He used to hate the medium and I'm trying to do crate games with the large but he has now taken to the smaller one. Maybe he feels more secure? I dunno.

Mowgli has a wire crate that is 36 inches long and he weighs 27 Lbs.  He is in it at night and no more than 3 or 4 hrs. in the day.  I just have the top covered, this leaves more ventilation this time of year. In Winter I cover it at night on 3 sides.

As far as the "cave" or "den" theory, this happens to be one of my pet peeves.  When I was a breeder, and in my training classes, I came across many people who were told by whomever sold them their dog, that it was OK to crate them all day because dogs have the denning instinct.  In reality, female dogs only have the "denning instinct" when they are expecting a litter of puppies and when those puppies are small.  In nature, pups start leaving the den at 3 wks of age and, past the age of 3 months or so will never again seek a den unless female and pregnant!  Crates are used solely for our convenience, which does not mean they should not be used, and most dogs even learn to like their crate, but it is a tool that should not be abused.  Sadly, it often is.

Thanks for the info! I may try letting them stay out in the house while I'm at work. I'm gun shy about it. I tried last year and Tucker did really well for about 3 days and then he ate the back off my brand new chair in the living room. He's older now, so maybe he's grown out of that. I certainly don't want to mistreat the pups, but they can't tear the house apart, either.

Juno has a 36inch wire crate even though he's still a pup. I just use a divider. I do use "covers". His crate is covered w/ the exception of the front where the front door is. I haven't used the side or back door yet. He seems to like it better when it's covered. I do uncover the back to create more ventilation when it's hot. When he's sleeping the front of the crate is also covered partially. He loves his crate! :)

We use the 36 inch wire crates.  I just drape a towel over the back part, but mostly that's because they are near a window and I don't want them to look out and bark.

The one on the right is NOT a Corgi.  ;-)

Even better than a picture.  Proof that a 36" crate holds TWO Corgis:

Find more videos like this on MyCorgi.com

Haha! The cat in the crate.. too funny! The 36" looks like a good size. I was worried it would be huge. Thanks for the picture!

Hilarious! our cats love the crates too!


We have a 32 inch plastic crate and a 36 inch wire crate that we just bought. The plastic one is an ancient hold-over from a past dog, being used just until we can order another wire crate. A 32 inch wire crate would have probably been fine, but I wanted them to be comfortable since they are sprawlers. They can both fit in the 36 inch crate, but I don't think they would be happy sharing a space, since they wont even share toys.

I thought about getting a 48" crate for both of them to kennel up in, but like you said, I think mine appreciate their own space. Mine don't share, either.

our breeder specifically recommended seperate crates. We only crate at night, but the argument that made sense to me was that if they get into a tiff or whatever, if they are crated together, they can't separate, they're forced to keep fighting. Yikes!

Sometimes at night they actually try to go in together, so I think they might like to sleep together, but I'm gunshy about that and make them sleep in their own crates.

Ours both have 36" crates.


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