So, Halloween is coming up.. I'm interested to hear what kinds of costumes your corgis will be sporting this year!?

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The iCorg!!   That's fabulous!

We just got back from our San Diego corgi meetup halloween party. Sid won best overall costume! WooT!


I'm not surprised.   What a great idea, and well-executed too.
love it.  Wish my guys would put up with having something on them.  The most I can do is a bandana.

thank you. my baby girl even bowed her head and closed her eyes at the right moment when i took that picture lol

Geri that ICorgi is adorable! great idea! original too!


he finally gave up!!!


Ok, if he has to wear the lobster I think you should be wearing a lobster bib.  He already looks like he is ready to lay on the platter.  Where's the butter?

Koda is going to be spaghetti and meatballs today for a contest.
Awesome! You must take a picture!

Jeter is going to be Harry Potter  Jeter Pawtter.

Cappy will be Jeter's fellow Hogwarts student Luna Lovegood  Cappy Lovegood.

More pictures are on my page.

Oooh!  That is just precious!
AMAZING!!! huge potter fan here!! I was considering making Jayden be it this year but opted for the banana, maybe potter next year for sure though! :):)


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