In a few months we will be having an addition to our little family and I am anxious to say the least...I've read stories about how corgis are not the best around babies. One acquaintance of mine said she had to get rid of her corgi because he was aggressive towards their breaks my heart! Not all corgis, not all dogs, not all owners are the same, but I can’t help but wonder if he will be jealous? Affectionate? Aggressive? Protective? Maybe a little of everything?

Ghost, my 1 1/2 year old Pembroke has been spoiled rotten since the day we brought him home...which has always been okay since he’s been an "only child". He gets very jealous of my husband and me, and is most of the time he is right between us. I'm worried that he will be very jealous of the baby, too; which may lead to aggression.

Ghost has always been protective over his pack. He knows I'm pregnant; he follows my every move, lays his head on my stomach, barks at ANY noise (yeah, this is typical corgi but he’s never been THIS bad), and has become even more affectionate towards me than ever before. 

My 1 1/2 year old nephew has come over a few times and Ghost is extremely curious, nosy, and jealous when I play with him...but could it be different if there was a baby here 24/7? Has anyone had a spoiled rotten corgi and then a (human) baby? Advice? Tips? 

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Dogs are a combination of their natural tendencies and their environment. Ghost is probably the way he is mostly because you treated him as an "only child" (your words) and fostered over dependence and the over protectiveness that comes from that as well.  He certainly loves you and it would be a shame if he was to lose his home.  It would be an even greater shame if he became aggressive towards the child.  You are still in time to turn this around BEFORE the baby is born. Put those months to good use, find a trainer that can work with you and work on making him more of a dog and less of an "only child" which does him no favors.  The first shift needs to occur within you and your husband.

The infant stage is usually not too problematic, the toddler stage most definitely can be.  Your work now can pay off in spades later for all concerned,  my suggestion is not to put it off, time is of the essence and you should seel professional help to make the necessary changes.  This is not a Corgi breed problem, this can and does happen in all breeds.

I would quickly look into some very positive training classes. Its important that you help Ghost become the corgi he should be before the baby comes. All of my corgis have been great with my grandchildren but i have always trained mine. They are also spoilef but know how to behave. That is the best way to show you love them, train them to be a great family member. Dont leave it to chance. It's not fair to Ghost.


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