Solar powered Corgi! I am in love.

Got Corgi merchandise at home? Found something cute online? Please share I would love to see it. Yes...I am wearing my Corgi socks while writing this ;)

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Etsy has lots of neat corgi stuff :) I like to check it out from time to time. My best friend painted me a couple of silhouette pictures of my little man to hang up. I just loved them! This is one of the neater corgi merch on etsy:

I'm addicted to Etsy! so much cute corgi stuff. Haven't seen that ring, that is awesome.

cafepress always has A TON of corgi stuff. I've had 2 friends get me pictures, stickers, and a sweatshirt from there. 

Go to corgibutts. com. It's through cafepress. They have some really funny corgi stuff!

hahah i totally HAVE that solar corgi. he's my dashboard corgi!

I have the solar powered corgi in my kitchen. Makes me smile everytime I look at it!

I know I'm resurrecting an old post here, but I thought I'd pass this completely adorable cookie jar along to everyone.  I love those little booties!  :-)  You can find it at Anthropologie!

Just a little fyi... Keep elroy solar corgi out of the heat. Otherwise the glue that holds his head together melts and makes him not bobble. This happened to me!


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