Corgi mix or just "poorly breed"? What do you think my dog is?

Hey corgi lovers!

I got my dog Fauna about 6 months ago and I'm still pondering what exactly she is.  Sometimes I think she might just be a really poorly breed, undocked Pembroke, but then I've seen husky-corgi mixes that look a bit like her, and sometimes I think she might even have some terrier in her (she actually caught a squirrel once!).  She acts a lot like my mom's Australian Shepherd and looks a lot like her too (but with corgi ears and legs), so maybe she's an Aussie-corgi mix?

I got her from the pound with no parents, but another young dog was picked up with her who might be her brother (the attached photos are of him as a 4-6 month old pup).  She's the black tri-color dog in the video.  She's about 22lbs, 9-11 months old, very sweet, very active, and exhibits that classic herding breed stubbornness at times.

So what do all you experienced corgi owners think?

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I've started calling these cute mixes I see in Southern Louisiana "farm dog specials." 

Fauna has a much stronger hunting instinct than herding instinct (but does the duck and run Border Collie move when she's playing).  So I'm thinking maybe a corgi, border collie or aussie, and jack russell mix?  Those sound a probable mix of dogs you'd see out in the country.

My boyfriend's "beagle" Lola has that "farm dog special" thing going on too - pretty sure she's half beagle, with the other parent probably a coon hound/lab mix or something like that - webbed feet and a nose that never stops sniffing.  Nothing fancy, but the just the perfect kind of dog for Louisiana. 

Come to think of it...she probably learned hunting and tracking from Lola; maybe Fauna doesn't have any terrier in her at all.

As a former small breeder of Pembrokes, and yes I was a very responsible breeder, I would say that the dog is not a pure bred Corgi.  Having said that she is beautiful, seems very sweet and mellow, what more could you want from a loving pet?  You probally rescued her with out knowing. 

I vote 100% adorable!  I love the tail!  It does look like she could be a mix with something, but is mostly corgi.  What is most important is that you rescued a wonderful little dog!

Hey! Are y'all at the cane's park on Dalrymple by any chance?! I recognized the other corgi, I think his/her name is Norman?  Just wondering because we met the other day at the LSU parade ground :)

Yeah!  That is Cane's park.  We just met that corgi and Fauna loved him.  Can't remember his name or his owners.  I think after getting run over by my neighbor's German Shepherd puppy that never stops growing (getting up to about 80 lbs now), she's been on the lookout for smaller dog friends that don't roll her with quick as much force ;)

Yeah, we have a 4 month old corgi and we went to the cane's park a couple times before but they have some really big dogs there and Hachi was always scared of them. So ever since then we've been taking Hachi to the burbank BREC park because they have nice separate parks for big and small dogs :)

I haven't been to the Burbank park yet.  Sometimes the really small dogs are put off by her rough-housing, so I don't think she's do well in a "small dog" area.

I live really close to Cane's, so no excuse to really go anywhere else.  Maybe when your puppy is grown up the big dogs won't be so scary.  There are a handful of 20-40 lb dogs that frequent the Cane's park who she enjoys playing with.

We call that "drumsticks" at our house. So cute!!!


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